New York City Divorce Attorney Juan Luciano Discusses Whether Phone Records Be Used To Prove Adultery

New York City divorce attorney Juan Luciano releases a new article ( that explains the role of phone records in a divorce process and whether they can be used to prove adultery. The lawyer mentions that cell phone technology can have its good and bad sides. With the advancement of technology, smartphones have been able to leave digital trails that can either help an individual or hinder them.

According to the New York City divorce attorney, “In family court settings, incriminating phone records are often used as evidence in more and more divorce proceedings. Consequently, if you suspect that your spouse has committed adultery, their cell phone records may provide some serious evidence against them.”

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According to the lawyer, phone companies usually offer privacy policies that help account holders protect themselves from being hacked by others. This includes family members. A court order is required for cell companies to disclose private telephone records. These privacy policies are not applicable to couples that share a telephone plan.

Attorney Juan Luciano says that the spouse's phone records may contain shared information. This can be used to accuse the spouse of adultery. If the spouse refuses to give the records, a divorce lawyer may be able to petition the court. A spouse should also keep the contents of messages as long as they are possible, as the provider will not be in a position to give the full content.

Attorney Luciano states that modern phones can store a great deal of information and are very advanced. All messages sent between spouses can be used to support a divorce. This type of communication could be used by some people using a second telephone, so make sure you are looking for them.

“Not only is adultery grounds for divorce but it can also be used in other considerations made by the court during a divorce. Evidence of adultery may be considered when the court weighs a spouse’s “moral fitness” in child custody matters. If the evidence suggests that the individual’s behavior has had a negative impact on the child, the court may decide to limit that person’s custody and parenting time,” says the divorce lawyer.

Lastly, attorney Luciano emphasizes the importance of having a skilled lawyer when it comes to matters such as acquiring copies of text messages. Having an experienced lawyer may be able to help the client have an easier time during the divorce process.

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