New York City Criminal Defense Attorneys Arthur Lebedin and Russ Kofman Explain the Different Criminal Cases in New York

New York City criminal defense attorneys Arthur Lebedin and Russ Kofman release a new article ( explaining the different criminal cases in the state of New York. The lawyer mentions that if a person faces criminal investigation or charges in NYC, they are entitled to legal representation. A criminal defense lawyer can distinguish between a lengthy jail sentence or having a criminal charge dismissed.

“A criminal conviction can follow you for the rest of your life and color all future decisions you make, from your employment to where you can live. Criminal charges are serious and demand a solid strategy for criminal defense. Suppose you or a family member is facing criminal charges. In that case, one of the most important decisions you can make is to contact a skilled and knowledgeable New York City criminal defense lawyer who will take the time to listen and provide the guidance you can trust,” says the article from the New York City criminal defense attorneys.

New York City criminal defense attorney

Attorney Arthur Lebedin explains the three types of criminal cases in New York: violations, misdemeanors, and felonies. Each case varies depending on its classification, the criminal history of the defendant, and other possible variables.

Defense attorney Russ Kofman says that violations are the least serious of these cases and are usually not considered a crime. The maximum punishment for a violation is 15 days in jail. For misdemeanors, they are usually grouped into three classifications and their penalties vary depending on the classification, circumstance, and seriousness of the crime. The criminal history of the defendant is considered in the sentencing of a misdemeanor too.

In the article, attorney Lebedin further explains the three types of criminal cases. The last one he mentions is felonies. Felonies are the most serious of crimes and carry the most severe penalties. These crimes are also broken down into classifications and further divided into violent and nonviolent crimes.

According to the article, “When you are facing criminal charges in New York City, the system can feel stacked against you and you may feel you have little or no voice. Being accused of a crime can result in severe penalties and months or even years behind bars. Repeat offenders will face even greater penalties. Progressing through the criminal justice system alone can be frightening.”

Lastly, attorney Kofman emphasizes the importance of having a skilled lawyer when facing criminal charges. An experienced lawyer may be able to help the defendant understand their rights and protect their freedom.

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