New Website Design for Mira Mesa Towing Getting the Thumbs Up from Customers

Mira Mesa Towing is a San Diego-based California company that likes to be as progressive as possible. Evidence of that is they have just launched a substantially redesigned version of their website. They did this because they are a customer-centered family-owned business that wants to make it easy for their customers to get in touch with them and learn about their many towing services. Already their New Website Design is Getting high marks from Customers that have used it.

Jericho, the company owner, says, “In an effort to better serve our customers towing and other roadside emergency needs, we have added many new services over the years. The staff felt our old website did not cover all of these services well and that meant a change was in order. Instead of just making a few small changes to get by, we thought that we owed it to our customers to make a much better website than the previous one. That resulted in us making a totally redesigned website that used input from our 20-years of experience in the towing business and our very forward-thinking IT services provider. So far, the response to the new website from our customers that have used it has been overwhelmingly positive.”

The company owner continued by saying that there were two areas that they focused on when redesigning the website. The first is that they wanted to make it visually pleasing by keeping it as organized and uncluttered as possible. He says that they accomplished this by simplifying the text, using light background colors to make the text stand out, and laying the text out in a much easier to read fashion. They also wanted to have photos on the pages but not so many that they overwhelmed the text on the page. Jericho added that their second area of focus with the newly designed webpage was keeping it as user friendly as possible. This was done by doing such things as simplifying the dropdown menu and keeping the information on their services as concise as possible. He says the new website version also lists more convenient ways to contact them than ever before. Mira Mesa Towing’s redesigned website can be seen here at

Jericho also briefly described the many different towing services that his company offers. This includes the ability of them being able to tow just about any size vehicle from motorcycles to dual-axle cargo trucks. He says they also specialize in towing vehicles that have been involved in accidents and offer long-distance towing services. Mira Mesa Towing also provides on- and off-road winching services and junk car removal. People that have had their vehicles towed by the company have had nothing but good things to say about their services. Kevin Smith wrote, “Incredibly good customer service, I was blown away by the professionalism and the genuine niceness of the driver that assisted me. I hope to never need a tow again, but Mira Mesa Towing will be my go-to company if I do.” This 5-star review was one of several on the company’s Google Maps Business Listing.

The company owner says they also believe in being a company that assists people having problems on the roads by offering more than just towing services. To do this, they have added such roadside assistance services as flat-tire changes & repairs, battery replacements, jump starts, fuel delivery, and lockout assistance. These additional roadside assistance services are also getting glowing reviews on the company’s GMB Listing. Kevin C Miles stated, “I got a flat tire yesterday and was stranded on the side of the highway. They quickly responded to my call for assistance and got me back on the road in no time for a fair price. I highly recommend them and won't hesitate to use their services again in the future. Thank you, Jericho!!” Jericho added that their towing and roadside assistance services are available 24/7, 365, and they are a fully bonded and insured towing company.

More info on this reputable company’s towing and roadside assistance services can be found on the newly redesigned website or by referring to their Facebook Page.


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