New Perspectives Provides Strong Support for Neurodiverse Young Adults During This Pandemic

June 2021, Heber City, Utah – With the challenges brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic, New Perspectives is also shifting its gear to help neurodiverse young adults cope up with this new normal.

The Utah-based organization is providing Covid-19 & Residential Program for Young Adults in Utah. New Perspectives points out that neurodiverse young adults are among those vulnerable to the impacts of Covid-19 stress. Aside from the virus itself, Covid-19 causes anxiety, leading to depression and other serious mental health illnesses. The pandemic also hampers the progress of some other programs for teens.

With this in mind, New Perspectives points out the importance of having a strong support group during these trying times.

What makes New Perspectives stand out among its competitors is its unique approach. They help and support neurodivergent individuals through life coaching, peer mentorship, employment and career guidance, and more. These methods can also help young adults who might need more emotional support during this pandemic.

Meanwhile, New Perspectives has its style of helping neurodiverse teens. They offer a motivational approach based on current research and best practices. Rather than isolating students from real-life situations and experiences, they educate the teens about Covid and its threats.

Among the services offered by the Teen Therapist in Utah is providing the right level of support to young adults in need. "Matching students' needs to the optimal amount of support and structure are crucial to creating an environment where young adults thrive," they say.

Instead of predetermined levels or program stages, New Perspectives utilizes an ongoing evaluation process to help their students gain optimal growth. The organization looks into the present situation and strategizes programs that would address each young adult they serve.

"Rather than isolating students from real-life situations and experiences, we immerse young adults in the local community," the company states. New Perspectives always crafts a unique, individualized plan fit to each client's needs.

The unique approach of New Perspectives was crafted by its founder, couple Justin and Janet Robinsons. Their unique life experiences have been an inspiration to the approach employed by their company.

To connect with New Perspectives, clients may call 888.859.NPYA (6792) or send an email to For more information about the unique programs of New Perspectives, they may visit New Perspectives is located at 600 South 300 West, Heber City, UT 84032.


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