New Perspectives Joins Call To Help Neurodiverse Young Adults

March 2021, Heber City, UT - Utah-based New Perspectives has joined the call at easing the way for neurodiverse young adults to live independently. Living independently means the capacity to take care of their personal hygiene, health care, and cooking and nutrition. Independent young adults can also gain skills in financial management and problem-solving.

“Independent living for young adults provides them with an opportunity to develop the life skills necessary to prepare them adequately for challenges they are likely to face away from home,” says Justin Robinson, co-founder, and co-director of the New Perspectives. He co-founded New Perspectives with his wife, Janet.

New Perspectives reassures Support For Neurodiverse Young Adults UTAH through their unique program. The company employs a motivational approach based on current research and best practices. Rather than isolating students from real-life situations and experiences, they immerse young adults in the local community. They help students adjust to a local community with people their age.

The independent living transition program for young adults of New Perspectives begins with a personalized growth and balance plan. Teens have to undergo these five important processes: envision, assess, strategize, commit and review. Neurodiverse students and young adults have to reflect on each phase for their personalized growth and balance plan.

After crafting the plan, the next step would be determining the appropriate levels of support the teen needs. In this process, the New Perspectives team matches the proper intervention and particular program for the student.

The last stage of the Individualized Approach to Independent Living of New Perspectives is matching the right coaches for each student’s “Success Team.” The team comprises members from the New Perspectives staff and community members who can help them achieve independent living. They have a team of experts in life coaching, peer mentoring, clinical, academic employment, career, and recreation. They provide support to young adults with learning differences in ways that build on strengths and dreams.

“An independent living program for young adults helps young adults build up the abilities they need to live happily, fruitful, and free lives as they move into adulthood,” the team adds.

To connect with the Teen Therapist from New Perspectives, interested parties may call their office at 888.859.NPYA (6792) or send an email to For more information about their program, visit New Perspectives is located at 520 North Main Street, STE 536 Heber City, UT 84302.


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