New Members Join Advisory Board Of Standard DAO Digital Asset & Crypto Platform

Tortola, British Virgin Islands based StandardDAO is pleased to welcome John Rowland and Dean DeLisle of S²A Modular to their advisory board. Standard DAO is a digital store of Value Currency backed by Standard Assets, giving its members a much more stable platform to conduct crypto transactions on. As such, its advisory board’s newest members stand ready to help guide the platform’s decisions and investments for the foreseeable future.

To help their community understand why this addition to their ranks is so intriguing, StandardDAO states that it is important to understand the background of the two members. All of the advisory board’s members are involved in cutting edge fields and research that stand to redefine what the future will look like, and S²A Modular is no different.

S²A Modular’s ultimate goal is to bring sustainability to modern modular construction, combining the construction, modular and real estate fields into one holistic industry. At the moment, the company is focused on designing and constructing the world’s finest examples of electrically self-sustaining, custom luxury homes, and these residences are already leading to a paradigm shift in the way such projects are approached. By utilizing the finest materials and the designs of some of the industry’s best engineers, the company has effectively established a new standard in stylish design, construction speed, tailor-made features and more. Naturally, the carbon footprint of these properties is effectively zero (Net Zero), given their ability to generate surplus energy on their own — and all of this serves to power the next generation in smart-connected living.

One of the most notable aspects of any residence built by S²A Modular is the fact that it can survive completely independently of the power grid. Solar panels (that lead the world in terms of efficiency), combined with Tesla’s PowerWall technology, can generate and deliver power even if the grid itself were to collapse entirely. However, this is far from the extent of the company’s commitment to building a sustainable future. In addition to advanced energy generation and storage systems, these housing projects heavily rely on the use of construction materials and techniques that have a low impact on the environment. These design principles can be scaled up to build much more than designer homes, however. The company is capable of erecting full communities, commercial buildings, world-class hotels and more.

According to Standard DAO, this kind of forward thinking is itself a crucial asset that their platform and its members stand to benefit greatly from, and this is why they saw fit to invite Rowland and DeLisle to join their advisory board. John Rowland is the President and co-founder of S²A Modular, and it is partly his vision of a sustainable future that the company is expanding on today. His career has its roots in home buying and home building, and he has followed the associated trends in these markets since the late 1990s. In the years since, he has both designed and engineered a wide variety of projects, and this vast experience enables him to both recognize and respond to the rapidly evolving needs of the contemporary real estate industry.

Dean DeLisle’s contributions are similarly of high import. As Chief Revenue Officer for S²A Modular, he oversees the execution of the company’s corporate plan, from guiding the growth of various business verticals to accurately representing the company’s Environmental Social Governance (ESG) standards for investors, partners and customers. Notably, DeLisle already has a wealth of experience serving in an advisory capacity for no fewer than five Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) as well as numerous Merger and Acquisition (M&A) Deals and so on. His willingness to share the benefit of his industry insight is also highly evident in the effort he puts into his popular B2B influencer-themed podcast, The Influence Factory.

For all these reasons and more, StandardDAO believes Rowland and DeLisle will prove to be invaluable voices as their platform grows. Since StandardDAO wishes to maintain a degree of transparency with their community, they encourage all interested parties to get in touch if they have any further questions regarding the advisory board or its illustrious members. More information regarding the platform’s purpose and vision can also be found on the official StandardDAO website.


For more information about StandardDAO, contact the company here:

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