New Jersey Wills Attorney Christine Matus Discusses The Role of a New Jersey Estate Attorney in Estate Planning Matters

New Jersey wills attorney Christine Matus releases a new article ( that explains the role of a New Jersey estate attorney in estate planning matters. The lawyer mentions that someone usually has to work hard for most of their life in order to build a nest egg for their future and for the future of their loved ones. Without a valid will, the client’s assets may be distributed not according to the client’s wishes.

According to the New Jersey wills attorney, “When we pass away, our loved ones need to address many legal and financial issues. Your will is just part of what may be a larger estate plan that ensures that these matters are set out exactly as you wish.”

New Jersey wills attorney

The lawyer explains that a will is a legal document that sets out how a person would want their assets to be distributed after they pass away. A will may also help address who will be the guardian of the children left behind and who will act as the executor of the person’s estate.

Attorney Christine Matus says that it is called “dying intestate” when someone dies without the will. A will may be able to help prepare critical matters for the family’s future. Without a will, important matters may be left to be distributed by an administrator appointed by the courts. Most of the time, these individuals do not have an understanding of how the client would want to wish for these things.

In the article, attorney Matus also mentions a good estate attorney may be able to help the client create their last will and testament completed and protect their assets and wishes. The lawyer also adds that anyone who has any assets or children needs to have a valid will.

Furthermore, the New Jersey estate attorney says that a client should designate exactly who gets which assets in their will. By doing this, they will be able to keep those assets away from the hands of people whom they will not want to have access to those assets. A will may be able to give those who are left behind easier access to the assets, too, in the event that the owner passes away.

Lastly, attorney Matus emphasizes that it is important to have a skilled estate attorney when it comes to matters involving Wills and Trusts. Having an experienced lawyer may be able to help the client plan their future wisely and may also be able to protect their assets from being taken away by people other than their designated heirs.

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