New Jersey Special Needs Trust Attorney Christine Matus Explains How a Special Needs Trusts Attorney May Be Able To Help

New Jersey special needs trust attorney Christine Matus ( releases a new article that explains how a special needs trusts attorney may be able to help. The lawyer mentions that having special needs trusts may be able to help not only those who have a permanent immediate need but also those who anticipate that they will have future disabilities.

According to the New Jersey special needs trust attorney, “While it is important for every family to have an estate plan in place, it’s especially important when you are the caregiver or a family member of someone with special needs. You have worked hard your entire life, and you want to make sure that your estate is handled according to your wishes.”

New Jersey special needs trust attorney

The lawyer explains that if someone wants to protect their loved one and wants to have the peace of mind of knowing that they’re doing something for their future, then they would need a comprehensive estate plan to handle their wishes.

Attorney Christine Matus also mentions that the probate system can be complicated and tough to navigate. This is why having a special needs trust attorney is important, especially for someone who is the parent of a special needs child or someone who is taking care of a person with special needs.

In the article, the lawyer says that in New Jersey, The Matus Law Group has been working hard in helping those who need a comprehensive estate plan for their loved ones with special needs. An attorney is not usually required to prepare a special needs trust. However, it is important to understand the financial implications of the trust and this is where a skilled estate planning lawyer may be able to help.

Furthermore, attorney Matus discusses in the article that leaving money without the benefit of a trust, especially to a disabled family member, may cause them to lose public assistance and government benefits. The reason for this situation is that eligibility assistance is based on income and assets.

Lastly, the estate planning attorney explains that it is important to seek the help of a skilled lawyer when it comes to matters such as special needs trusts. Having an experienced attorney may be able to help the client understand the complicated laws surrounding the probate system and ensure that the future of their loved ones is safe.

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