New Jersey Real Estate Attorney Christine Matus Discusses NJ Real Estate Transactions

New Jersey real estate attorney Christine Matus releases a new article that explains real estate transactions in New Jersey. The lawyer mentions that buying or selling real estate can be one of the biggest decisions one can make in their life.

The New Jersey real estate attorney says in the new article that purchasing a home is very important, not only because it’s an investment, but because it’s also a place where someone raises a family.

New Jersey real estate attorney

In the article, attorney Christine Matus also explains the types of real estate transactions in New Jersey. One of those types is residential real estate. Before someone is legally bound to a residential real estate contract, they will have three days to have their attorney review the documents.

According to the real estate attorney, “In addition to reviewing a contract, a real estate lawyer will guide you and help you understand the complicated undertaking of disclosures, title commitments, inspections and property repairs, mortgage approvals, and other complex legal issues surrounding the purchase of a home.”

The lawyer further explains the other types of real estate transactions which include commercial real estate, property tax appeals, and the purchase and sale of small businesses. Attorney Matus mentions that commercial real estate transactions can be tricky and complicated.

In the article, the real estate attorney also explains property tax appeals. Property tax appeals, according to attorney Matus, happen if someone doesn’t feel like their property has been assessed properly. If a property owner thinks they’re paying more tax than they should for their property, they can file a property tax appeal.

Furthermore, the lawyer also mentions the purchase and sale of small businesses in this new article. The lawyer says, “If you are buying or selling a small business, there are many matters that will be legally important to you beyond the negotiation of a price. Whether the company is sold in its entirety, with or without real estate or other property and assets, as part of a franchise, or as part of a merger, joint venture, or partnership, an experienced real estate attorney may be able to guide you through the process.”

Lastly, real estate attorney Christine Matus emphasizes how important it is to have a skilled real estate attorney when going through any real estate transactions. An experienced real estate attorney may be able to help the client evaluate what the next steps should be.

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