New Jersey Probate Lawyer Christine Matus Discusses What a Probate Lawyer Can Do

Toms River, New Jersey -- Families are often confronted with the overwhelming matters of a loved one’s estate when they are least expecting or emotionally able to do it. Even when there is a valid will, the estate will still need to go through the probate process, which can be a complicated task at a highly emotional time. Throw in a complex financial matter or a family that may not be getting along, and one can have a volatile and uncomfortable scenario. These are situations that will benefit from the skill of an experienced probate lawyer.

Christine Matus, Esq., New Jersey probate lawyer and founding attorney at the Matus Law Group, explains the many benefits of having a skilled attorney at times such as these.

Probate Lawyer

“Probate is the legal process that happens after someone’s death. This is when the will is validated, assets are identified, and an appraisal is made of all property. It’s also when all taxes and outstanding debts are paid. After this is done, the remaining assets in the estate are distributed to the heirs according to the person’s wishes in their will,” explained Ms. Matus. “Probate lawyers ensure that these matters are managed properly and legally in the family’s best interests. There are even some cases when probate can be avoided entirely. When a family is grieving, we will assist with preparing documents for the court, paying creditors and taxes, and getting valuations and appraisals of assets and property. If there are disputes amongst family members and heirs or if someone is contesting the will, we can handle these disputes. In many cases, we even act as the executor of the will or a trustee for a family trust.”

Ms. Matus went on to explain that although families often have a difficult time talking about matters of death and the aftermath, proper estate planning is critical for everyone. Understanding what will happen after a loved one passes and the financial implications are essential for families. Having the assistance and advice of a probate lawyer is one way that families can trust that estate matters are taken care of legally, properly, and in their financial best interests.

“Unfortunately, if the family is not fully on board and have not had these important discussions, there may be conflicts, and sometimes litigation is necessary,” added Ms. Matus. “People have the right to determine who their property is distributed to after their death. But sometimes, the heirs and beneficiaries have valid concerns over that distribution. There may have been a lack of mental capacity, or there might have been someone influencing that person. Having an experienced probate lawyer can be a critical resource at these times.”

Most people find navigating probate and estate matters on their own overwhelming, but sitting down with an experienced professional can help simplify it. For over two decades, the team of probate lawyers at the Matus Law Group has dedicated their practice to helping families plan for the future. To learn more about the Matus Law Group and their work, go to


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