New Jersey Man Thanks Legacy Healing Center for Providing the Tools to Start His Life Over

Cherry Hill, NJ - Substance use disorder can be truly devastating to a person’s life. It can cause one to lose hope that the future could ever be different. This was the experience of Ronald E., a recent client of Legacy Healing Center in Cherry Hill, NJ.

Even though Ronald was in a state of total despair during active addiction, the decision to seek treatment helped him to find hope, and eventually, to transform his life. “I cannot express the level of appreciation I have for this facility. I came to Legacy a broken man, and was provided the tools to start my life over,” he said.

Ronald’s experience moved him to write a 5-star Google review of Legacy Healing Center in which he said, “if you’re looking for a facility that will walk you through [the] process of recovery and continue working with you after you’re gone, then this is the center to go to.”

Even though Ronald couldn’t see his way through addiction at first, Legacy Healing Center was able to guide and support him so that he could start his life over. Addiction may cause a person to have altered thinking and behavior, but these changes aren’t permanent and through a whole-patient approach to treatment and recovery, Ronald was able to turn his experience and life around.

David Levin, Chief Clinical Officer, and CEO of Legacy Healing Center said, “Our credo is that we’re ladies and gentlemen caring for ladies and gentlemen. Even though a lot of our clients don’t realize they’re ladies and gentlemen when they get here, we want them to feel like they’re ladies and gentlemen and hopefully, at some point, they will internalize those feelings.”

In Ronald’s Google review, he shared that, “in 3 days, I will have 120 days under my belt and [I] am marrying the woman of my dreams. Thank you, Legacy.” With the guidance, support, and comprehensive treatment services that Legacy Healing Center provided, Ronald was able to reimagine his future the way he wanted it, healing from his past trauma and substance abuse and embracing a new life.

Ronald went on to praise Legacy Healing Center for its amazing accommodation and top-notch facilitators. Legacy Healing Center has some of the most caring healthcare workers in the addiction recovery field, and they extend their compassion to every person they treat.

“It starts at the top,” said David Levin. “Our owners and managers are here every day treating your loved ones, the clients, every single day. Yes, we’re responsible for the oversight of the entire organization but we are also on the front line making sure not only that our staff is carrying out our mission and vision, but that we’re also getting to know the clients that we treat and sharing our experience, strength, and hope with them. That’s what separates us from a lot of the other organizations.”

The inpatient addiction treatment program that Ronald attended is a comprehensive, tailor-made program that allows a person to live at the stunning facility while undergoing medically managed detox, behavioral therapy, and holistic treatment programs.

With the tools the Cherry Hill addiction treatment center can provide, people can become empowered in their life again. The mental health disorder known as addiction is not a life sentence and the compassionate team at Legacy Healing Center has dedicated their careers to helping people like Ronald overcome the root causes of addiction with a special emphasis on care for trauma and PTSD.

Ronald is among the many people that Legacy Healing Center has been able to help achieve lasting recovery. Any person who feels like they’ve lost hope in their struggle against addiction should contact Legacy at (888) 534-2295 or visit to learn more.


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