New Jersey Living Trust Attorney Christine Matus Explains The Importance of Living Trusts

New Jersey - Living trust attorney Christine Matus talks about the importance of having a living trust in her new article. Here, the attorney explains that a living trust is important for anyone with significant assets and those who wish to set how their assets will be managed or disbursed to their heirs when they are no longer able.

Attorney Christine Matus also talks about how having an estate plan can help a client have access to their assets while they’re still alive. Having an estate plan can also give their loved ones simplified access once the client is gone. The living trust attorney adds that a living trust ensures that a client’s assets will be distributed according to the client’s wishes and makes the situation as stress-free as possible for the client’s heirs.

Living trust attorney

In the article, living trust attorney Christine Matus also explains how living trusts work. The living trust lawyer says that a trust can be funded using the client’s assets. The client is allowed to act as a trustee. The trust will usually hold the majority (or all) of the client’s assets. These assets then become the property of the trust. The trust becomes the sole owner of the client’s assets and can then be passed on to their beneficiaries via the trust after the client’s death without the need to go through probate.

Attorney Matus explains the properties or assets a client can put in a trust in this article as well. Here, she mentions that assets that can be put into a trust include the client’s primary residence, investment properties, bank accounts, retirement plans, stocks, bonds, IRAs, businesses, insurance policies, and cash. The attorney adds that assets must be transferred to the trust through the proper channels and that any assets acquired after the trust is created will also have to be added to the trust.

In this article, Ms. Matus also discusses the benefits of having a revocable trust. A revocable living trust is also another form of estate planning. The lawyer says that a revocable trust may not be the best option for everyone, but it can be important for those who have significant assets. A revocable living trust can also be a good option for those who have a property in other states, special needs loved ones, or have a large extended family where probate can become complex and time-consuming.

Attorney Matus closes the article by explaining that one might still need a will even if they have a living trust. A will is needed especially if there are minor children or if they still have other properties they didn’t put in the trust.

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