New Jersey Gun Crime Lawyer Adam Lustberg Explains Handgun Cases and Types of Weapons Charges in New Jersey

New Jersey: In his recent article, gun crime lawyer and the founder of Lustberg Law Offices LLC, Adam Lustberg (, shared his thoughts on the types of weapons charges that are typically prosecuted in New Jersey.

New Jersey is known for its strict anti-violence stance. This means that the penalties for weapons offenses can be severe. The gun crime lawyer further explains: “If you were charged under the Graves Act you will need to serve 85 percent before you are eligible for parole. The specific weapons crimes that you are charged with will depend on the circumstances surrounding the weapon offense as well as the place where you were found.”

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A person could face additional criminal charges if they use a weapon to commit crimes such as assault, rape, or burglary. If convicted, they will also be subject to even more severe penalties. The charges will depend on where the crime took place and if the person charged is found within a prohibited zone near a school or school bus, public park, housing project, or school, the penalties could be doubled.

Sentences will also be affected by any prior criminal convictions. The multiple variables that can be associated with a weapons offense are complex to tackle and will require strong strategic defense by an NJ criminal lawyer.

Moreover, New Jersey's law allows for the reduction of charges for possessing a weapon for illegal purposes. Second-degree crime is about the possession or use of an explosive, firearm, or destructive device with the intent of injuring or destroying property is a second-degree crime that can lead to 5-10 years imprisonment.

The next one is the third-degree crime wherein weapons, other than firearms, can include almost any object depending on its purpose. There are many illegal weapons that could be considered illegal, including knives, gravity knives, switchblades, and daggers as well as brass knuckles and stilettos. A third-degree crime can result in five years imprisonment if any of these items are used as weapons.

Lastly, fourth-degree crime is when a toy gun or imitation weapon is being used for any illegal purpose. Possession of an imitation firearm to be used for illegal purposes is a fourth-degree crime that can lead to up to 18 months in prison.

Even if there is no criminal record, a New Jersey conviction for illegal possession of a weapon could land one in state prison for a long time. One could also be facing additional sentences if one is convicted of crimes that arise from an unlawful weapon possession charge.

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