New Jersey Expungement Attorney Adam M. Lustberg Discusses Expunging Arrests And Convictions

Hackensack, New Jersey - Expungement attorney Adam M. Lustberg recently released a new article that discusses expunging arrests and convictions. The lawyer mentions in the article that a criminal conviction can impact someone’s life for a long time. It can also affect job opportunities, education benefits, and it can even disqualify someone purchasing or renting a home in New Jersey.

According to the Hackensack expungement attorney, “Everyone makes mistakes, but when your mistakes end up on a criminal record that anyone can see, it can permanently and drastically affect your life. When you’ve paid your debt and you’ve demonstrated a crime-free life since your earlier conviction, expunging your record can give you a fresh start.”

Hackensack expungement attorney

Attorney Adam M. Lustberg explains that even if someone is found not guilty or even if the charges are dismissed, the record of the arrest will still be visible. However, this is not always the case because it is possible to have a person’s criminal records wiped clean. After a criminal record is reviewed, it is possible to qualify for a record expungement.

The expungement attorney also adds that there are cases that immediately qualify for an expungement. This includes cases where an arrest didn’t lead to a conviction, special probation programs such as drug court, and if someone has completed a court-ordered rehabilitation.

Furthermore, the lawyer explains that once a record is expunged, the record will be sealed and no one will have access to those records except for the district attorney’s office or any other law enforcement agency should the defendant commit a new crime.

“There are waiting periods before your record can be cleared. The length of the waiting period depends on the crime committed. If you were sentenced to probation, community service, classes, or courses and were fined, these conditions must have been completed. Also, a certain amount of time must have passed since you were convicted, which could be anywhere from a few months to many years,” says attorney Adam M. Lustberg.

Attorney Lustberg also emphasizes the importance of having a skilled lawyer when someone is trying to get their record expunged. An expungement process can be confusing, especially for someone who doesn’t have a lot of experience with the process. The most effective way to have a criminal record expunged, according to attorney Lustberg, is to seek the help of an experienced lawyer.

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