New Jersey Estate Planning Attorney Receives High Praise At Monmouth County Location

The NJ-based Matus Law Group - Monmouth County is pleased to share a recent review they received from an extremely pleased client. Given the heavy priority they place on customer service and attention to detail, reviews such as this are not uncommon for the firm. However, each new piece of feedback helps illustrate the vast value that the NJ estate planning lawyer offers their community.

The client in question, Christopher Butler, goes into some detail regarding how helpful the office was. They explain, “When we bought our first home, Matus Law Group was so helpful to me and my husband. Christine is such a knowledgeable real estate lawyer and is so easy to work with. Every lawyer at the Matus Law Group is very thorough, answers all your questions and takes care of everything. Each time we reached out to Matus Law Group during the purchase, someone got back to us almost immediately. They kept us apprised of progress every step of the way. Such a great experience. If we ever need to buy a property again, we'll definitely be calling Chrisitne and her team!”

New Jersey Estate Lawyer

The Matus Law Group pairs expertise with more than 20 years of experience in the field to offer an unsurpassed service to each of their clients, and this is equally true for each of their locations. According to the firm, the foremost element of estate planning and real estate law is the families which these cases involve, and no service is complete without a comprehensive understanding of each individual member’s best interests as well as what they hope to achieve. As a result, each agent at The Matus Law Group makes it their mission to be both personable and courteous during every consultation.

The firm is headed by Monmouth County estate attorney Christine Matus, whose keen community focus and drive for perfection has led the firm to help families from all walks of life. They take an impartial approach to each client, and their assistance is always available to those who request it, no matter the size of the estate in question. The Matus Law Group has one mission above all: to make sure the futures of families all across New Jersey will stand the test of time and persevere through all manner of challenges, whether easily foreseeable or not. This includes a family member’s passing, life challenges, personal injury and other financial threats.

For instance, the firm’s inclusive approach has allowed them to welcome clients from special needs families, providing open and transparent advice as well as legal guidance wherever necessary. As many families in this situation may be acutely aware, providing for a loved one with special needs can be difficult given the lack of information available on resources and other options that can give them a better life. Planning for the future in such a scenario can be even more daunting for the average family, and this is why The Matus Law Group encourages their community to reach out as soon as possible if they are in need.

As the firm states on their website, “The Matus Law Group recognizes that there is a gap in general estate planning services when it comes to estate administration for special needs families and seeks to serve these families specifically to provide the in-depth skills and experience needed to guide them through an otherwise complicated process.”

Families who wish to secure their future — yet do not know where to begin — are encouraged to reach out to The Matus law Group today as a first step. The firm understands that very few members of the general public understand the associated legal processes enough to make informed choices regarding their estates, and this is why they go out of their way to answer all questions and fill in any gaps before a client has to make a decision of any kind.

Those who require the assistance of an effective and trustworthy Ocean County estate attorney are welcome to get in touch with Christine Matus of The Matus Law Group. Further details regarding their services can be found on their official website as well. Similarly, social media users may connect with the firm via their preferred platform to stay abreast of new developments.


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