New Jersey Estate Planning Attorney Christine Matus Discusses The Matus Law Group’s Role In Estate Planning In New Jersey

New Jersey estate planning attorney Christine Matus ( releases a new article that explains how her team of lawyers at the Matus Law Group is able to help families protect their estate. The lawyer mentions that there are only a few things more important than planning for the future of someone’s family.

According to the New Jersey estate planning attorney, “For more than two decades, the Matus Law Group has served the residents of New Jersey in matters of estate planning and real estate law. In addition to general estate planning, we specialize in estate planning for clients who have a family member with special needs.”

New Jersey estate planning attorney

The lawyer explains that as a mother of a special needs child, she understands how important special needs planning is. The team of estate planning lawyers at the Matus Law Group has made it their life’s work to help special families protect the future of their children.

Attorney Christine Matus also mentions that the future of the family is a very personal focus for the attorneys at the Matus Law Group. They are passionate about helping families achieve their future goals and helping them plan how they distribute their assets in the event they pass away.

In the article, the lawyer says that attorney Matus says that The Matus Law Group also works with families in New York with the help of attorney Kristine M. Carranceja-Gurski. The estate planning lawyer from New York is someone who also understands how unique the financial and emotional needs of families are in today’s financial landscape.

Furthermore, attorney Christine Matus discusses that estate planning is a legal process that will allow the client to make important decisions for the future. If someone does not have a solid plan, their assets may be subject to tax, lengthy processes, fees, and distributed in a way that the client wouldn’t have wanted.

Lastly, attorney Matus also explains that having a dedicated and experienced estate planning attorney may be able to help the client make guided decisions about how they want their assets to be distributed. A skilled attorney may also help the client ensure that their documents are correctly drafted and legally binding.

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