New Jersey Criminal Defense Attorney Adam M. Lustberg Discusses Juvenile Drug Possession Charges in New Jersey

New Jersey criminal defense attorney Adam M. Lustberg ( releases a new article explaining the particularities of New Jersey juvenile drug possession charges. In the article, attorney Lustberg explains that teenagers are often under the impression that they are immune to bad things happening to them. Minors are commonly known to engage in risky behavior. In unfortunate situations, such as a DUI arrest, results can be catastrophic and affect the rest of a teenager’s life. Drug possession charges are in no way different.

According to the New Jersey criminal defense attorney, “The knowing and illegal possession of any drug can ruin their chances of entering the military, participating in school activities, and even going to college – not to mention any fatal consequences drug use can result in.”

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New Jersey laws specify that a minor must knowingly possess the illegal substance to be charged. If the drug is found in an area a minor is in control of, such as their bedroom, car, or school locker, they can also be liable for juvenile drug possession under the law. Juvenile drug charges under New Jersey law come from direct knowing, control, and possession of an illegal substance.

Juvenile drug possession charges in New Jersey differ a lot from adult possession charges in that juvenile cases are handled by the NJ juvenile court system. There are a lot more sentencing options for juvenile defendants in comparison to adult defendants. These options include drug counseling, probation, diversion, and detention at home or in a juvenile detention center.

Attorney Lustberg explains that law enforcement usually takes minors in custody if enough evidence points to the guilt of a drug offense. After signing a complaint against the minor for delinquency, the court can either keep the minor in detention or give the minor back to parental custody. The court can only hold juveniles in detention if the minor poses a threat to the community or there is a chance of court evasion happening.

“After deciding whether the minor would remain in their parent’s custody or in detention, the case will be transferred to a hearing at the family court. A judge will then review all facts and make a decision. A judge will decide if the minor is guilty or not. New Jersey law considers delinquency a juvenile offense that, if it is committed by an adult, would be a crime or disorderly offense or violation of any other penal statutes, ordinances, or regulations. A judge will order the sentence,” the drug possession defense attorney clarifies.

As a final word, attorney Lustberg empathizes that being charged with drug possession as a minor can be scary and confusing. Consulting a qualified New Jersey drug possession lawyer is important in getting experienced legal representation.

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