New Guide Published On Shipping To UAE

UK based PSS International Removals recently published an updated guide on the cost of shipping to the UAE from the UK. According to the company, this update was made in response to their team noticing that more people are moving from the UK to Dubai and the United Arab Emirates. As such, this guide currently aims to provide customers with the most current information on rates, regulations and so on if they wish to ship their personal effects or household goods to the region.

CEO of PSS International Removals Liam Witham explains, “We have seen a significant increase in people needing to ship their personal belongings to Dubai and the UAE in recent months. The upheaval in the global shipping industry during the coronavirus pandemic has made this more challenging. I hope our updated shipping guide will help give people a better idea of the costs involved in shipping their belongings.” Customers will be pleased to learn that the company ships throughout the Emirates, including Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Ajman, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah, Sharjah and Umm Al Quwain.

Shipping to Dubai

Witham clarifies that the guide is intended to help customers get an idea of the costs involved with their move, but it may not help them create a reasonably accurate estimate of every associated expense. However, PSS International Removals has long provided an online cost calculator for just this purpose. "Whilst our guide gives some indication of shipping costs,” he says, “I recommend people see our online shipping cost calculator to get a more accurate and up to date estimate for what they wish to ship." Learn more here:

One of the hallmarks of the company’s services is that they place a high priority on ensuring the customer’s convenience at every stage. While there are certain aspects that require the customer’s direct involvement, the company relies on the shipping experts at their offices to take care of the vast majority of the particulars. As a result, customers tend to find that shipping with PSS International Removals offers them the most hassle-free moving experience. Notably, the company has been shipping between the two regions for nearly four decades. As members of the BAR Overseas Group, they are also able to offer protection by the BAR Advance Payment Guarantee Scheme.

The moment the customer informs the company that they may be interested in moving, they are assigned an Account Manager who will manage the entirety of their UK-to-UAE shipping endeavor. In the first stage, customers can request an online quote (delivered within 60 seconds). Alternatively, they may request a free home survey. Shipping costs are based on the volume (cubic feet) being shipped, so an estimator usually has to visit the customer to perform an evaluation. However, PSS International Removals is among a growing number of shipping companies that offer video surveys via a mobile app. Many may prefer this given concerns around the ongoing pandemic.

After providing a quote, their dedicated Account Manager will contact the customer to discuss their move and any concerns they may have. Based on the information provided, the Account Manager will ensure all the customer’s shipping requirements are met. For instance, certain items may be cheaper to ship by air freight. Since the customer will usually prefer to choose the more affordable options, PSS International Removals’ advisers will take this into account and offer the best quote possible in the circumstances. Alternatively, customers who simply prefer to save time regardless of the cost may express this to their Account Manager as well.

Once the date of the move is set, PSS International Removals will dispatch an experienced team to retrieve the customer’s belongings and prepare them for shipping (or the customer may opt to self-pack). In addition to ensuring they are shipped to the right destination, the team will employ effective packing techniques to minimize the risk of damage during transit. Finally, following their arrival in the UAE, the items will be taken through local customs and then delivered to the customer’s new home.

More information can be found on the PSS International Removals website. In particular, the company directs their community’s attention to the new UAE shipping guide if they wish to move to (or from) the region in the near future. Find the post here:


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