New FDA Approved Medical Weight Loss Clinic Opens in Atlanta

Atlanta, Georgia -

Atlanta, GA - (September 12, 2022) Southern Mana Weight Loss announces its grand opening as a clinic focused on helping residents in the Atlanta area lose weight with a new innovation in medical weight loss. Supervised by a physician, and directed by a Critical Care Nurse Practitioner; Jordan Hill MSN, AGACNP-BC, this medical weight loss clinic in Atlanta is providing what some say is the most important advance in over twenty years, a protein-based weight loss formula that is effective and easy to take. Atlanta residents can call 404-977-5320 or visit for more information.

Medical Weight Loss Atlanta - Southern Mana Weight Loss

For the 36.5% of Americans suffering from obesity, and the 32.5% who are overweight, especially those living in the Atlanta area, the opening of this weight loss clinic and the new therapy, is good news. Despite an epidemic of overeating in the U.S. and increasingly poor health due to weight gain; historically gastric surgery and stimulant based pharmaceuticals have been the only tools given to medical providers to help clients. The nurse practitioner at the Southern Mana Weight Loss therapy knew it was time to approach the problem in a new way.

Southern Mana Weight Loss offers a serious, and effective weight loss method, but without risky surgery or serious prescription medications. The weight loss practitioner and team of specialists at the clinic can treat Atlanta clients who want to avoid invasive surgery or stimulant-based medications. As an alternative, the clinic offers a new protein-based therapy that is easy to administer, and fully approved by the FDA for safety and efficacy. The clinic’s program is individually customized for clients and involves a therapy that uses the same proteins manufactured naturally by the human body. This solution elevates the levels of proteins in the system, signaling to the body that it is not hungry. Clients are led to feel much fuller and satisfied while eating smaller portions.

Historically, programs have focused on increasing metabolism (and heart rate) which poses risks. The second approach involves extreme diets that limit the type or amount of food the patient can eat, but with no recourse to address hunger or cravings. Southern Mana Weight Loss uses proteins in the system to eliminate the sensation of hunger. Metabolism is increased, but using a natural “fat-fighting” nutrient B-12. Clients who have enrolled in this therapy at other clinics report having less desire to eat, more energy, without side effects, or making extreme lifestyle changes.

Until now, medical providers have felt their options were limited. Helping clients meant choosing from two extreme options: Phentermine, (or Adipex) powerful stimulants, or gastric surgery–a drastic measure. Now, there is a therapy that is safe, effective and very easy to administer, and medical providers are motivated once again to take on this epidemic.

This new protein-based formula being offered at Southern Mana Weight Loss was developed by a physician with twenty years of experience in weight loss. Having found that many clients did not qualify for (or could not afford) serious drugs or hospitalization and surgery, using the body’s natural proteins to eat less is a welcome innovation. Approved by the FDA, the Southern Mana therapy is likely to help hundreds, if not thousands of Atlanta residents lose weight, without forcing them to severely alter their lifestyle. The Southern Mana Weight Loss Clinic promotes eating nutritious foods and moving more, of course, but there is no set diet, no battling through severe hunger, or the need to spend countless hours in a gym.

According to the founder of the Southern Mana Weight Loss Clinic, Jordan Hill MSN, AGACNP-BC, “Our approach is different; by curbing appetite and producing a sensation of feeling full and satisfied after eating smaller amounts of food, it allows clients to focus on the weight loss and not the struggle they may have experienced before.” Is it that simple? The professionals at the clinic say yes. “We simply use this formula to increase the amount of proteins in the body, which makes eating-less effortless,” says a Southern Mana team member.

There is no set diet, no battling through severe hunger, or the need to spend countless hours in a gym. The program literature also states the therapy is easy to incorporate into any lifestyle, because it only requires quick, regular visits; for doses, and check ups. The formula is customized for clients based on their medical history, BMI, and other factors. The first visit takes about a half hour, and most people can start right away. Repeat visits take just a few minutes. An initial in-person office consultation is preferred and recommended, but is not required as Telehealth is an option.

According to Hill, “The stress of constantly focusing on eating, counting calories, and feeling tired - just goes away." He says, he hears regularly from clients who say they have energy, they feel full, and when it is time to eat, they simply cannot eat very much. “Many of my clients report that it is the most freedom they’ve had in years; when it comes to losing weight.”

Southern Mana Weight Loss is now open in Atlanta with weight loss appointments available most weekdays. To schedule an in-person initial consultation people can call (404) 445-2224 or visit


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