New Consultant Phillip Chambers Says People Can Make Money Online with Your Side Hustle

Phillip Chambers, a consultant based in Austin, TX, has recently posted content on his website that explains how people can make money online through a side hustle. He believes that most people need to have a side hustle because employees are usually not paid what they are really worth. He defines a side hustle as any money generating activity that is done outside of a person’s regular job or career. He advises people who are interested in a particular side hustle to break down the task to its simplest parts and then create a plan on how to do each part. It is also important to learn as much as possible regarding each task.

Phillip Chambers is focused on helping full-time employees establish a second source of income. He says, “Join me and 15,000 other people looking to radically improve their lives with passive income. I've been focusing on helping people build second streams of income. Do you want a real transformation? You've come to the right place.”

He has also published an article by that is designed to help people begin a freelance business that can allow them to add $3000 per month to their income in just 60 days. He advises people to consider themselves as an independent contractor or free agent who is no longer tied to any company. This is the reason why he is now dedicating his time to helping people get started in the world of freelancing and the gig economy. He wants to point out that people currently have a great opportunity to establish a freelancing business on the side.

Another newly released article by Phillip Chambers presents some of the best side hustles that can allow someone to earn $3000 per month. These include gig economy side hustles, online freelance consulting side hustles, and investing/ flipping/ selling side hustles.

Gig economy side hustles include Airbnb homes for rent; alterations/ tailoring; babysitting; baking; becoming a professor; car cleaning and detailing; caregiving; carpet cleaning; catering; childcare services; cleaning houses; computer repair; estate sale services; event DJ; field agent; fly drones; focus groups; food truck; furniture making; getting paid to go on dates; giving music lessons; home inspection; housesitting; interior decorating; iPhone repair; janitorial services; junk hauling; knife sharpening; landscaping; laundry service; local tour guide; mechanical turk; mobile oil change; modeling; movie extra; mystery shopping; notary; party planning; personal chef; personal shopping; personal training; pet grooming service; pet waste removal; photography; pool cleaning; pool rental; postmates; pressure washing; Rentafriend; renting out garage or attic space; renting out parking space; shoveling snow; sign flipping; sports coaching; sports officiating; staging of houses; Taskrabbit; yoga teacher; ticket reselling; renting out a car; Uber/ Lyft; vehicle car warp; walking dogs; watch repair; window cleaning; and woodworking.

Online freelance consulting side hustles include: accounting; bookkeeping; business analysis; financial analysis and modeling; financial management/ CFO; HR administration; instructional design; management consulting; recruiting; tax preparation; training and development; data entry; online research; order processing; project management; transcription; virtual assistance; customer service; technical support; data analytics; data engineering; data extraction; experimentation and testing; machine learning; 2D and 3D animation; audio editing/ post-production; audio production; brand identity design; brand strategy; cartoonist; editorial design; fashion design; graphic design; musician; scriptwriting; social media strategy; videographer; VR and AR design; building information modeling; engineering tutorial; jewelry design; landscape design; sourcing and procurement; product design; science tutoring; database administration; paralegal; business development; content strategy; digital marketing; marketing strategy; market research; public relations; telemarketing; language localization; language tutoring; legal translation; medical translation; technical translation; translation; quality assurance testing; back-end development; CMS customization and development; desktop software development; e-commerce development; front-end development; full stack development; game development; product management; scripting and automation; scrum master; user research; UX/ UI design; business writing; career coaching; content writing; copywriting; creative writing; editing and proofreading; ghostwriting; grant writing; technical writing; and writing tutoring.

Investing/ flipping/ selling side hustles include: creating a blog; creating a course; writing an ebook; producing an audiobook; flipping items on Craigslist of eBay; creating YouTube commercials; affiliate marketing; investing in a lending club; selling on Etsy; dropshipping; rental property investment; Amazon FBA service; private labeling; on demand t-shirts; podcasting; and flipping websites.

Those who want to know more on how to start a freelance business may want to checkout the Phillip Chambers website or contact him using an online form or through email.


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