New Collection Of Gemstones For EMF Protection Launched

Encinitas, California -

Encinitas, CA based Tiny Rituals is pleased to announce their new collection of EMF protection gemstones. The store is the number one source of gemstones and crystals for many across the nation, and their customers are already sharing high praise for their new collection’s EMF-repelling qualities. To help new customers become acclimated with the subject, Tiny Rituals has also published a blog post titled ‘Protection Crystals: The Top 6 To Get And How To Use Them.’

Everyone spends their time, “Tethered to your laptop, stuck to your smartphone or feeling utterly drained after a Netflix binge,” observes the article. “In the 21st century, modern technology makes us equal measures master and slave. Our homes burst at the seams with televisions, phones, WIFI boxes, boosters and microwaves, and the world outside our window is overrun with wires and cables, satellites and security cameras. These electronic devices can drain us mentally and physically, which is why it helps to have EMF protection in place. The untapped treasure of EMF protection crystals goes a long way in keeping your natural spirit grounded and wild.”

EMF refers to electromagnetic fields, otherwise known as electromagnetic radiation (EMR). All electronic devices send out invisible energy waves that ripple through the body, possibly causing mild side effects. EMF is believed to be a very real issue facing people in the modern world, thanks to how ubiquitous electronic devices have become in recent decades. Everything, from signal towers to plug sockets and more, has the ability to release EMF, either at a high or low level. High level EMF refers to the extreme waves that come from the sun or objects like X-ray machines. Common household electronics and power lines emit low level EMF.

Some studies show that frequent exposure to low level non-ionizing radiation ((like that found in common household items) has the potential to cause a number of neurological and psychological problems. Cell phones have been linked to an increase in the number of people with brain tumors, for instance. Frequent exposure to EMFs may also lead to low libido, depression, anxiety, headaches, sleeping problems, irritability and changes in memory and appetite, among numerous other conditions. Exposure could lead to any of these problems, which is why it is a good idea to have some sort of protection — and Tiny Rituals says EMF gemstones are an easy way to fend off the harmful waves.

“Crystals have long been used as a protective force; whether against sorcerers, bad vibes or to protect you from the electromagnetic smog that is swallowing up our clean space,” Tiny Rituals says. “Not every gemstone can tap into the healing and protective properties necessary to keep you safe from EMF, but some, especially those with high iron content, can effectively block and protect the body, mind and soul from external EMF interference. Along with their strong iron content, select crystals come with heightened purification properties, meaning that they will connect to and align the chakras, lend their radiant energies to improve the Feng Shui of your space and absorb the toxic properties that are flying around from EMF, picking them up before they enter the body.”

Not all crystals can block EMFs, and each crystal is particularly suited to protect a different aspect of the holder’s health, which makes it very important to use the right EMF protection crystals. Tiny Rituals lists a number of examples of EMF crystals in their article, including Hematite, Black Tourmaline, Shungite and more. These materials have been said to have the ability to protect wearers from EMF, and Tiny Rituals has high quality jewelry pieces that feature this protection.

“While science is still lingering in the research stage as to how much of an impact EMFs can have on the body, there is evidence that electromagnetic field smog can have a knock-on effect when it comes to your overall health and wellbeing,” says Tiny Rituals. “Even at low-level use, it truly does grant a sweeter peace of mind to know that you have small protective measures in place. EMF protective crystals, whether in the form of jewelry or just a loose stone in your pocket or set on your desk, can make a huge difference. Crystals have the power to transmute energies, heal traumas and protect you from harm across many angles.”

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