New Circle of Hope Educational Resource Talks About the Stages Of Change Addiction

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Circle of Hope is known as a premier destination for luxury mental health and addiction treatment outside of Los Angeles, California. Much of this is due to the well-rounded approach that they take when helping someone struggling with addiction get their life back on track. This is reflected by the way the dedicated staff at this reputable treatment facility has taken the time to put together a series of educational resources on addiction. Of which the latest article in this series highlights the importance of knowing the stages of addiction. Their experienced staff realizes that getting out the right information to those suffering from addiction and their loved ones, gives those suffering from addiction the best chance of understanding that there is hope to recover from their substance dependency. Much of the information that was added to this latest article comes from Circle of Hope’s own excellent substance abuse counselors which consist of some of the top addiction therapists in greater LA.

This new Circle of Hope post titled ‘Stages of Addiction: Know When You’re on A Slippery Slope’, starts by saying that it can be difficult for people to recognize the warning signs of addiction. The blog stated that addiction does not happen all at once but is a process as it identifies 4 of these warning signs and classifies them into stages. It also talks about how uncharacteristic emotions such as irritability, aggression, anxiety, and depression often accompany these stages as well as someone starting to act out or exhibit compulsive behaviors. The first stage that was mentioned in the article was noticing a loved one's change in physical appearance and wellbeing. This can be anything from bloodshot, watery, or blurry eyes to a normally well-groomed individual starting to take on an unkempt appearance. Also pointed out was an individual starting to display decreased motivation and less interest in activities. The article also stated that another stage was someone having reoccurring problems in relationships because addiction often transfers over into this area of someone’s life. There is also another stage of addiction that was identified by a person being willing to take increased health risks to get even more of the substances that are feeding their addiction. The article wrapped up by saying that the well-trained recovery counselors at the Circle of Hope treatment facility can help stop the spiral that the stages of addiction can cause.

A man with his head in his hands ponders the stages of change addiction holds before getting into recovery at Circle of Hope Treatment Los Angeles

This article was followed by another blog post that Circle of Hope’s experienced counseling team added to their website. A post that was written for those in early recovery and for those with a loved one that’s struggling to stay the course during this important time. This article was appropriately titled ‘Practicing Gratitude in Recovery’. It also included a closer look at the overall health and wellness benefits that this practice has for someone that’s going through substance abuse treatment therapy. This informative article also reminded that for anyone struggling with mental health issues, substance use disorders, or both at the same time (co-occurring disorders), Circle of Hope’s expert clinical staff and technicians are standing by to welcome them on the road to recovery. They are always happy to explain to those struggling with addiction and their loved ones why they are the best rehab option for them in the Los Angeles area.

Glowing testimonials from those Circle of Hope has helped or continuing to help get through their struggles with addiction often talk about the excellent quality of care they have received. Alexis Zamarron proclaimed, “The best possible place I could have gone to get treatment. The staff are friendly, patient, and caring. You can tell they love what they do, and know their clients wants/needs. I'm a very sensitive and particular person, and I absolutely thrived in the environment they created there. The atmosphere is very calm and laid back, and it really felt like a home away from home. I couldn't have asked for anything to be any better than exactly what I received. At this treatment facility, I also experienced the best counseling I have ever gotten!”

Those in the Los Angeles area that are looking for ‘substance abuse counseling near me’ for themselves or a loved one can contact Circle of Hope by phone, any time of day or night.


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