New Circle of Hope Blog Points Out the Dangers Of Using Muscle Relaxers And Alcohol Together

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Circle of Hope is a Reseda, CA treatment center that is known for providing luxury grade Los Angeles area addiction treatment. This state-licensed facility for substance abuse has gained a reputation for excellence by administering patient-centered, evidence-based treatments that put the care of the client first and provide them with a solid foundation for long-term recovery. Much of what they have learned about substance abuse during this process, they also like to pass along in the form of blogs. Recent examples include several substance abuse-related blog posts and among them is one that talks about the dangers of combining alcohol and muscle relaxers. An event that can lead to severe health consequences and even death and leads to thousands of preventable hospital admissions every year. This new Circle of Hope blog simply titled ‘Muscle Relaxers and Alcohol’ seeks to better inform readers about the misuse of these substances. It also points out that reputable drug and alcohol treatment centers such as theirs have established proven methods to help people recover from these types of substance abuse and subsequently reclaim their lives.

This latest Circle of Hope blog started by stating that muscle relaxants are a drug category that attempts to relieve acute muscle spasms or muscle pain. Most are prescribed to patients after they have received some sort of injury and rarely are they meant to be taken longer than 3-weeks at a time. Although they are approved prescription medicines, they come with potential side effects and these can become significant when they are taken in combination with alcohol. Some of the most common muscle relaxers that the article mentioned that are often ingested along with alcohol include Cyclobenzaprine (brand name Flexeril), Metaxalone, Tizanidine (brand name Zanaflex), Carisoprodol (brand name Soma), and Methocarbamol. It was even brought up that users can become addicted to muscle relaxers. Taking these drugs at the same time as consuming alcohol can lead to a variety of troubling mental and physical health impairments along with bringing an enhanced risk of dangerous side effects. The blog specifically mentions increased levels of dizziness, drowsiness, confusion, nausea, and vomiting that often come with a muscle relaxer and alcohol misuse can also slow breathing to dangerous levels, reduce coordination & motor control, cause seizures, and lead to significant memory impairment.

A woman passed out on the floor with bottle nearby, to show dangers of muscle relaxers and alcohol and treatment at Circle of Hope treatment los angeles

In a related blog article, this esteemed substance abuse treatment facility also wanted to alert people to the dangers of another incredibly deadly substance combination. This is using Xanax and alcohol at the same time. When this potent benzodiazepine is misused along with alcohol, it too becomes another substance use combination that leads to many needless hospitalizations and deaths each year across the USA. This is not only a popular occurrence on college campuses and other party scenes but it also happens to individuals at home alone every single day. This recent post also issued a ‘clear and present warning’ that alcohol and Xanax are both central nervous system relaxants that when taken together can lead to the increased likelihood of an overdose and other troubling health conditions. This includes such serious side effects as memory problems, coordination issues, and seizures along with unconsciousness, seizures, and lowering the body's defense against these types of health issues.

Another recently posted article by this well-known recovery center supplies information for those that are wondering about the patterns of drinking that can lead to alcoholism and alcohol use disorders (AUD). This includes the approximate length of time that alcohol consumption typically leads someone to becoming an alcoholic. This Circle of Hope article discussed the four stages of alcoholism and stressed the fact that just as with other forms of substance abuse, this is a treatable condition especially when it’s undertaken with the assistance of a premier alcoholism treatment provider such as they are. A spokesperson for Circle of Hope stated, “Our organization stands at the forefront of alcohol and addiction treatment for those in Los Angeles and we welcome anyone with further questions about any aspect of substance abuse treatment and recovery to contact us by phone at any time of the night or day.”


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