New Biohazard Cleanup Services Offered By Action 1 Restoration

New York, NY-based Action 1 Restoration is pleased to announce that the company now provides several new restoration services for biohazard cleanup projects. These services include sewage backup, asbestos abatement, crime scenes cleanup, meth labs cleanup, chemical spill cleanup and so on.

There are many different kinds of biohazards that a community can be exposed to, but most think that such dangers can only be found in environments such as hospitals and laboratories. While it is true that these places deal with biohazards on a daily basis, it should be noted that such facilities enforce strict regulations when it comes to hazardous materials (such as bloody bandages, blood-stained equipment and syringes). However, people can also be exposed to biohazards in other environments and situations, including crime scenes, suicide scenes, unattended death scenes, hidden drug labs and other unforeseen events. There are also common biohazards that can be found in homes due to mold growth and sewage damage. Asbestos, though not technically a biohazard due to its non-living nature, also brings about the same risks and dangers that biohazards do.

action 1 restoration biohazard cleanup

The average person is not capable of dealing with these biological risks. It is important to leave the remediation of these hazards to experienced and highly-skilled professionals. Fortunately, the technicians at Action 1 Restoration have the skillset and the experience necessary to provide biohazard restoration services. They can remove all sorts of dangerous substances and restore a customer’s property to a safe and usable state.

Action 1 Restoration now offers sewer services as well where they provide sewer backup cleanup and restoration. Homes are outfitted with sewer lines that are designed to lead wastewater from showers, sinks, bathtubs, washing machines and toilets out of the property. These sewer lines do their job smoothly most of the time but issues can pop up when they get clogged or damaged. Sewer damage or clogging, for instance, can lead to wastewater getting pushed back from the sewer lines back into the homes.

Cleanup is the first step to restoring sewage integrity, and Action 1 Restoration starts by removing excess wastewater and applying powerful disinfectants to deal with dangerous bacteria present in the grey water. They also make sure to deal with debris properly and address the sewage problem at its roots. Furthermore, the team from Action 1 Restoration also takes measures to remove moisture, remove materials damaged beyond repair, sanitize the environment, remove smells and replace damaged materials. The company asserts that hiring professionals to deal with sewage problems is important in order to avoid any more damage. Learn more here: New Website Services.

Action 1 Restoration also offers asbestos removal. Asbestos is a strong, heat-resistant mineral fiber that was commonly used to create fire retardant materials for homes and businesses. Some materials that were made with asbestos are shingles for the roof, floor tiles, cement and paper. However, it is now banned in many countries because its thin fibers can easily spread through the air and be inhaled. Inhaling asbestos can cause inflammation and extreme damage, leading to mesothelioma cancer, lung disease, asbestosis and other health problems. Asbestos is not yet banned in the United States but its usage has dropped. However, it is still a very real problem in many homes across the country, especially in older homes that have not been renovated since they were constructed.

It is important to hire a professional restoration team to deal with asbestos. Action 1 Restoration has the tools and knowledge needed to properly and completely remove asbestos from their customers’ homes. The company performs inspections, testing, removals, prevention and restoration to deal with asbestos issues. Prior to launching a clean, they make sure that all individuals in the area are wearing safety gear, including a respirator equipped with a HEPA filter. They also ensure that the area and all vents are sealed to avoid contamination. Removed materials are encapsulated so that the asbestos fibers do not escape into the air. After removal, they may also carry out additional cleaning and air filtration.

Other services that Action 1 Restoration offers include mold damage cleanup, crime scene cleanup, fire damage services, water damage services, storm damage services and more.

Those interested in Action 1 Restoration biohazard solutions may head over to their website to learn more. Alternatively, customers may connect with the company via social media to stay up to date with their news and announcements.


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