New Article Released on Defining Breast Cancer

Dr. Valerie Gorman of Texas Breast Center in Waxahachie, Texas released an article on what exactly breast cancer is. Dr. Gorman has a goal of keeping her patients informed, not only of current news in breast cancer research but also of the previously established. Many terms can be thrown around medical offices that are old hat for medical professionals but are quite unfamiliar to patients and bystanders.

This article is Dr. Gorman’s way of clearing the air and giving everyone a chance to understand the basics of breast cancer. She discusses different types of breast cancer. The two most common types, Invasive Ductal Carcinoma and Invasive Lobular Carcinoma, as well as other less common types such as colloid carcinoma, Paget’s Disease, and Inflammatory breast cancer.

There is further discussion on the topics of metastasis–“cancer cells spreading through the lymph system and the rest of the body”–and symptoms of breast cancer that can be detected by either an individual or their doctor. However, Dr. Gorman advises that “any one of the symptoms on its own does not mean you have breast cancer. They could indicate an infection or changes due to hormonal shifts. However, if the signs continue or you are concerned, bring them to the attention of your doctor.”

Finally, she discusses breast cancer risks and prevention. The risk factors consist of those that can be controlled with a healthy lifestyle and those that come from backgrounds or genetics and cannot be changed. Some precautions that can be taken are to minimize the risk factors that are controllable. Otherwise, Dr. Gorman advises that patients “keep yourself familiar with your breasts with a monthly breast self-check. More than anything, this keeps you familiar with the size, texture, and sensation of your breast so that you might be more likely to notice a change should one appear.”

To ask questions or make an appointment, contact Dr. Gorman and her team at the Texas Breast Center; they are always happy to speak and inform. Dr. Gorman serves as the Chief of Surgery at Baylor Scott & White Medical Center and is board certified by the American Board of Surgery.


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