Nevada County Tree Service Company Stresses the Tree Professional Certifications Training Programs Undergone by Team Members

Tiny Town Timber and Tree Service, a company offering tree services in Nevada and Placer County, CA, is proud to announce the tree professional certifications training programs undergone by their team members. These programs are designed to enhance the safety of the tree professionals. For instance, the team members have been trained in aerial rescue, certified in adult CPR AED / first aid, and trained as a CalTrans flagger. The company provides various kinds of tree services, such as tree pruning, tree removal, tree maintenance, brush chipping, and fire clearance.

Tree work is always accompanied by a safety risk. For instance, even tree pruning has risks because overgrown branches can be safety hazards for the property and for the people. It may look like tree pruning is an exciting task but there are serious risks involved, such as a severely weakened tree branch suddenly breaking and striking a person or a part of the property, resulting into severe injuries and/or damage to property. In addition, tree pruning usually involves working at a great heights with the risk of slipping and falling down. By hiring the services of tree professionals, homeowners and building owners are able to avoid such accidents and at the same time save time because professionals can do the job more effectively and efficiently. Tree service companies also have the appropriate insurance just in case the process results in some damage to the home or property. More about the certifications and training of the team members can be gleaned at

Tiny Town Timber and Tree Service offers tree trimming and pruning services to eliminate dying branches and to control how the tree will look. They will make sure that the trimming or pruning is done at the appropriate time of the year to ensure that there is little to no damage to the tree. The appropriate trimming or pruning can also help provide better growth and long life to the tree.

They also provide fast and efficient removal of hazardous trees, such as those that are old and weak. These trees can contribute to wild fires, injuries, damage to electric power lines, and structural damage to home and buildings. Thus, it is important to remove them before they can cause harm to people and property. Furthermore, diseased trees need to be removed as soon as possible to prevent the disease from spreading to the other trees.

Tree maintenance is another important service provided by Tiny Town Timber and Tree Service. This is essential because properly maintained and trimmed trees in the front yard and backyard are indications that the home is well-maintained and that the business is thriving in office buildings. Having untrimmed trees with unruly branches, on the other hand, can provide a wrong impression about the business.

Tiny Town Timber and Tree Service can also provide brush chipping. They offer brush chipping as a better alternative to simply burning them. With Nevada County, CA, having a dry and hot weather, the area is prone to wildfires, which is why any type of residential burning is discouraged and requires a permit from the fire department. Burning wood, particularly in large quantities, can also contribute to air pollution. Brush chipping offers a better alternative and the resulting wood chips can even be used for composting. Brush chipping is usually scheduled right after tree trimming and maintenance.

Founded in 2016, Tiny Town Timber and Tree Service is a family owned and operated tree service that specializes in hazardous tree removal and all kinds of tree services. Their team of tree professionals are ready to get rid of any hazardous or unwanted trees with minimal effects on the yard. They are ready to serve the residents of Grass Valley, Penn Valley, Nevada City and neighboring areas.

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