Neighbors HVAC Offers Heating and Air Services in Temecula

Neighbors HVAC, a company based in Riverside, CA, has announced that they are offering heating and air conditioning Temecula services. They offer various HVAC services in Temecula and surrounding areas, ensuring that homes and buildings are comfortably warm and safe during the cold winter months, and cool during summer. Their services include: HVAC tune-ups and maintenance, HVAC repair, new HVAC installations, AC tune-ups and maintenance, AC repair, new AC installations, heating furnace tune-up, heating furnace repair, and new heating installations.

A spokesperson for Neighbors HVAC says, “We deliver quality on-time service techs you can trust to improve the comfort and energy savings for your home. Our experienced team is trained and certified with the latest HVAC equipment and can quickly diagnose your system’s problems. We provide expert service on all makes and models of heating and cooling equipment for both residential and commercial use. We pride ourselves on delivering affordable HVAC services and won’t sell you parts or services you don’t really need.”

One of the services that can be provided by Neighbors HVAC are air conditioning service and tune-ups to ensure that the AC unit is running at its best. Their AC tune-up service can help in preventing breakdowns and in prolonging the lifespan of the air conditioning unit. They will perform various tasks during an AC tune-up service, such as: checking of air temperature at the vents; checking the outdoor unit itself; inspecting the coils on the AC unit; checking filters; inspecting all electrical connections; and inspecting the thermostat and making sure it’s working properly. The benefits of an AC tune-up include: lower electricity bills; longer life of the AC unit; and ensuring that the unit will be under warranty.

The heating and air Temecula company also offers heating furnace tune-ups. The furnace tune-up will consist of a number of steps. First, they will clean the furnace. This will include removing the dust and dirt from the fan, the blower, and the drain lines. They will also clean the coil of the furnace while taking care not to damage the blades. After the system has been ensured to be really clean, they will then inspect the whole furnace, looking for excessive wear, cracks, and other indications of potential problems. Next, they will provide lubrication for those parts of the furnace that require it. And finally, they will conduct a system test to ensure that all the lines in the furnace are functioning appropriately and safely. They will check on the air flow, fuel pressure, and other factors that help keep the furnace working properly.

They will also provide air conditioning repair services because even the best units will eventually break down. The technicians from Neighbors HVAC will ensure that they will provide same day repair. However, if the AC unit has gone past its original warranty, they recommend getting a replacement. While a new unit will cost more, the homeowner or property owner will eventually end up paying higher electricity bills because the unit is not longer capable of working properly.

Their technicians will also provide heating repair when there are problems with the heating system, such as issues with the pilot light, a non-functioning thermostat, and valves that are sticking. Their heating system technicians are well-experienced and professionally trained to diagnose and repair a broad range of problems affecting a heating system.

And when it is no longer makes financial sense to have the heating system repaired, the technicians from Neighbors HVAC are ready to help the homeowner choose the appropriate home heating system replacement.

There are a number of things that make Neighbors HVAC stand out from other HVAC companies in Temecula and neighboring areas. These include their provision of personalized high quality, and on-time service by their experienced and licensed technicians, who can quickly determine the problem and provide the appropriate solution.

When in need of HVAC repair and service Temecula residents may want to check out the Neighbors HVAC website, or contact them on the phone or through email.


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