Neighbors HVAC Announces Perris Heating and Air Services Now Available

Well-known California based company, Neighbors HVAC, is very pleased to announce that it has just expanded its area of operations and can now assist homeowners in need of Perris HVAC Services. Neighbors HVAC offers a full range of installation, repair, and maintenance services, and this latest operational expansion is sure to be of interest to Perris residents.

HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) systems are surprisingly complex and to get the best out of them it is necessary for them to be properly maintained. Lack of proper maintenance is one of the most common problems that Neighbors HVAC encounters. Most homeowners turn the air conditioning or heating on, up, or down, and simply take its functioning for granted.

Homeowners can do some aspects of maintenance themselves. Checking the filter and replacing it when necessary is an obvious task and should not be neglected. A dirty filter not only has the potential to pump dust and other allergens into a home, but it can cause the system to run inefficiently. That not only reduces its effectiveness, but it can also cost a homeowner more money.

Filters are perhaps the most common item that homeowners check on, but it is also important to check for dust, dirt, and debris anywhere that can be seen. Clogged vents and registers will also cause a system to run at less than its best.

John Stimmons, a spokesperson for Neighbors HVAC, said, “A lot of homeowners do check and change filters, but they tend to just leave it at that. Keeping filters clean is important, of course, but checking for leaks and corrosion is also something that is often easy for a homeowner to do but not something they think of. Early detection of something like corrosion is really important as it can make the difference between a small repair bill and a large one.”

It is not always possible for homeowners to check or maintain a system themselves and Neighbors HVAC does offer Perris air conditioning services that include a detailed inspection for such customers. Even when a homeowner does check for such issues themselves it is always a good idea to have a specialist company such as Neighbors HVAC come in periodically to thoroughly inspect a system. An expert eye will often notice a problem that the layman would overlook.

Neighbors HVAC also offers tune up services for air conditioning and furnaces. It comes as a surprise for some homeowners that items like a compressor or a furnace need cleaning, but they do. All components of an air conditioning and heating system can benefit from regular cleaning.

Cleaning vents and replacing filters are something a homeowner can do, of course, but compressors, furnaces, ducting, pipework, etc. are not. These are definitely not jobs that should be attempted by a homeowner, but something that should only be done by the experts. Most homeowners only give a thought to their system when something goes wrong but regular inspection, maintenance, cleaning, and a tune up by a trained technician can often forestall such an occurrence.

It is not just inspection, maintenance, and tune up services that Neighbors HVAC has to offer, however. The company’s expert technicians can also install a full HVAC system from scratch or fully replace the air conditioning unit or furnace if needed.

Neighbors HVAC has acquired an enviable reputation in California and has many very satisfied customers who have shared their opinions online. As one reviewer said, “Awesome same-day service! Our technician James was very friendly, arrived on time and knew exactly what we needed. I couldn’t have asked for better service. They had my heater working again in no time, and the price was very affordable compared to other local HVAC companies I called.”

Any homeowner in the Perris area in need of heating and air repair services or anyone simply interested to see what Neighbors HVAC has to offer should visit the company’s website. Details of how to contact the company or book a service are available on the site.


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