Nashville Car Accident Doctor Warns Drivers About Dangerous Intersections in The Area

In a new blog post released by Advanced Injury Care Clinic, the top Nashville chiropractic clinic cautions residents about dangerous intersections in the city. Certain intersections in Nashville are prone to see more auto accidents every year. The top Nashville car accident doctor identifies the five most dangerous intersections as Bell road, Hickory Hollow Parkway, Hamilton Church Road, Bridgestone Parkway, and 8th Avenue. These see an increase in accidents compared to other corners in the city.

The blog post identifies Hickory Hollow Parkway as the most dangerous intersection with the highest crash and injury rates despite having the lowest traffic volume of all intersections. Its Y shape is to be blamed for the high rate of accidents in this intersection, asserts the Nashville chiropractor, adding it makes turning onto Mt. View from the South difficult. The blog post finds overgrowth as another reason for the rising accidents on this intersection, “making it hard to see when trying to turn.”

The top car accident doctors advise caution while driving through these intersections to stay alert and avoid potential accidents. Anybody involved in an accident should not leave the accident scene, which is considered a felony as per law, advises the Nashville auto accident doctor.

“First, never leave the scene of the accident. If you leave the scene, it could be considered a hit and run. You also shouldn't leave the scene of the accident before collecting evidence” to build a strong case against the at-fault driver. The blog post emphasizes the importance “to notify your insurance company if you were in an accident,” even if it's a minor accident.

Advanced Injury Care Clinic is a top provider of medical treatment for victims of auto accidents in Nashville. The best car accident injury chiropractor stresses the need for immediate medical attention for anybody involved in a motor collision despite feeling “fine” after the accident. This is important to record any hidden medical injuries that may impact the victim’s health in the long run and may not show up immediately, affecting compensation if not recorded in medical records.

The team of experienced car accident doctors at Advanced Injury Care clinic is aware of the need for a complete physical exam and review of the patient’s medical history for the proper diagnosis of injuries. The auto accident chiropractors are leaders in treating accident injuries and follow a customized treatment plan to ensure a speedy recovery.

Advanced Injury Care Clinic has been treating auto accident injury victims in Tennessee for over a decade. The chiropractic clinic can also provide an attorney referral for victims looking to obtain the best compensation in their auto accident injury case against the at-fault driver.

Anybody injured in any of the dangerous intersections in Nashville, TN, needs the best medical treatment plan for their injuries. Victims of auto accidents should get in touch with the top chiropractors in Nashville at 615-265-0412 and schedule a free consultation.


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