Nashville Car Accident Chiropractor Warns About The Most Dangerous Times To Drive

The top car accident chiropractor in Nashville has recently posted a blog post urging caution on the part of drivers before driving on roads. The blog post suggests the best times to drive, warning that certain times of day see an increase in car accidents. The Nashville car accident chiropractor specializes in treating victims of car accidents.

The blog post explains that the most dangerous time of the day to drive is between 5 pm and 7 pm. This is that time of the day when the road is congested with evening rush hour as everyone tries to return home from work. A long day of work is more likely to be blamed for most car accidents during this time as commuters are extremely tired due to travel and work. The blog post warns that this puts a commuter at a higher risk of being in a collision. “If you're looking at the highest percentage of fatalities per total amount of cars on the road, the most dangerous hours are from midnight to 4 am.”

The blog post cites National Highway Traffic Safety Administration statistics that state Saturday as the most dangerous day for car collisions when 158 people die on average, which is twice the number of fatalities on an average weekday.

Additionally, August, September, and June are the most dangerous months of the year to drive on roads, warns the blog post, putting August as the worst. In another previous blog post from Advanced Injury Care Clinic, the time from Memorial Day to Labor Day is known as the "100 Deadliest Days" of the summer vacation period.

July 4th is the most dangerous day of the year on American roads, warns the chiropractor in Nashville. The blog post urges caution, saying, “Independence Day has been a dangerous day for driving for decades.” The article identifies drunk driving as the leading cause of Fourth of July car accidents. Holidays have always been the most dangerous time on American roads for drivers, with the number of travelers peaking during this time and congesting the roads.

Distracted driving, driving under the influence, and reckless behavior make holidays, especially the Thanksgiving weekend, a dangerous time of the year. About 40% of road deaths between Christmas and New Year are primarily due to drunk driving. The colder weather further adds to driving dangers.

Nashville auto accident chiropractors are aware of common and hidden injuries sustained in car crashes. It's crucial to see a doctor immediately after an accident for a proper diagnosis of injuries. The car accident chiropractors at Advanced Injury Care Clinic in Nashville have more than a decade of experience in treating car accident injuries.

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