Nashville Car Accident Chiropractor Publishes A Detailed Guide To Soft Tissue Injuries To Look Out For Following An Auto Accident

Advanced Injury Care Clinic of Nashville, TN, has published a detailed guide to make people aware of potential soft tissue injuries to look out for following a motor vehicle accident. Hidden soft tissue injuries can turn into debilitating long-term disorders unless these are identified and treated early. Written by the Nashville car accident chiropractor at the chiropractic clinic, the guide offers a comprehensive view of likely soft tissue injuries with symptoms.

The post focuses on soft tissue injuries, such as pain, swelling, bruising, and other types of damages to muscles, tendons, and ligaments. These are called connective tissues and play a major role in mobility and the overall ability to do simple tasks such as daily chores. According to Dr. Derrick Miller, an accident injury chiropractor at the Nashville clinic, “the sudden force unleashed by a car accident impacts the normal range of motion of muscles, tendons, and ligaments, but these injuries mostly remain undiagnosed and untreated, as bone and skin injuries become more apparent needing immediate attention.”

However, the post calls for adequate medical attention to soft tissue injuries and warns about potentially serious problems based on their degree of severity. To help those injured in auto accidents, it lists out the most reported soft tissue injuries from car accidents. Whiplash caused by sudden back and forth of the neck tops the list. Though it does not always cause immediate pain, it is a major injury with serious repercussions. Advanced Injury Care Clinic asks to look out for stiffness and pain in the neck with concentration issues as possible signs.

Sprains, according to the accident injury treatment clinic, can be identified from pain, swelling, or bruises around muscles, while tenderness, spasm, and inflammation of muscles signal strains. It also highlights symptoms of contusions that refers to damage to blood vessels.

The injury treatment clinic explains a herniated disc too. In a typical soft tissue accident injury, a herniated disc impacts the vertebrae and leads to numbness in your back and legs. This can cause pain, disability, and permanent injuries.

Soft tissue injuries are often dismissed as minor, and people think they will just go away on their own. But after staying dormant for a few days, they start causing problems. Dr. Miller underlines the need for medical treatment and warns that “these injuries can turn into debilitating long-term disorders unless these are identified and treated early.” He advises, “to avoid long-term complications, don't put off receiving medical treatment after a car accident, even if your soft tissue injuries seem minor.”

The post also explores the benefits of chiropractic care for soft tissue injuries. It advises against ignoring even slight aches and pains following an auto accident. An experienced chiropractor is the only person who can help you with affordable yet effective treatment to recover from severe soft tissue injuries, including whiplash. However, certain spinal injuries need quick chiropractic intervention, which can help make disc adjustments, body realignment, bring down the inflammation, and manage the nerve irritability.

Based in Nashville, TN, Advanced Injury Care Clinic is a top provider of professional chiropractic care services. It is well known for its state-of-the-art chiropractic treatment of soft tissue injuries received in car accidents and slip and fall incidents. The clinic takes pride in helping accident victims heal with safe, all-natural treatment and attain a speedy physical and financial recovery.

Its professional guidance has led to highly positive praise and support from the local residents, who frequently give Advanced Injury Care Clinic a perfect 5/5 Google review. For instance, the review of Lonnie Freeman, who injured their back in a pedestrian accident, says, “I was introduced to AIC from a fellow after I was involved in a hit and run. Since starting their therapy program, I can honestly say I feel great. They are extremely friendly especially the receptionist Stephaine, who greets me with a warming smile every morning I walk in. Dr. Miller is amazing at what he does. He got my back feeling like a brand new back lol. If you have been injured in a car accident, this is the place to go to get assistance.”

If you are looking for an expert car accident injury chiropractor in Nashville, you can visit their website at or call Advanced Injury Care Clinic at (615) 265-0412 between 9:00 AM and 7:00 PM Monday through Friday. It serves Nashville and surrounding areas, including Brentwood, La Vergne, Rural Hill, Peystonsville, Kingfield, Pegram, Belle Meade, Nolensville, College Grove, Franklin, Leipers Fork, Green Hill, Berry Hill, Smyrna, Triune, Thompson’s Station, Pasquo, and Mt. Juliet.


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