Naperville Options Medical Weight Loss Gets a New Website

Options Medical Weight Loss, a weight loss center in Naperville, IL has launched a new website. It is one of the many Options Medical Weight Loss clinics in the greater Chicago area. It serves the neighborhoods of Bolingbrook, Downers Grove, Aurora, Wheaton, Plainfield, and Romeoville.

The center’s team of medical weight loss specialists are renowned throughout the region for their level of hands-on care and attention to every detail regarding a patient. The weight loss center claims that each patient who walks through its door is individually assessed to determine which program at their facility will help him or she meet specific weight loss goals. It should be noted that the Naperville, IL medical weight loss facility is one of the only facilities in the region to offer multiple FDA approved appetite suppressants.

The FDA appetite suppressants offered by the Naperville medical weight loss center are all prescribed by the Naperville, IL weight loss doctor and include Phentermine for weight loss, Phendimetrazine, Diethylpropion, Non-prescription programs, and hCG injections to pair with the hCG Diet.

For patients who are not looking for appetite suppressants, the Naperville, IL weight loss doctor can also discuss the HCG diet and provide the accompanying HCG injections for weight loss. The HCG diet is a popular low-calorie/low-fat diet that has been recognized for more than 60 years. The local weight loss doctor can also offer weekly diet counseling, meals, supplements and he or she will be able to prescribe B12 injections or Lipotropic fat burning injections.

Each Options Medical Weight Loss Center offers all new patients a free consultation with a medical weight loss professional to help them build the Options program that is right for them. The professionals at the center know that the act of losing weight can be a frustrating battle if done without a medical team for support. Losing weight and regaining weight can become a vicious cycle. However, proper guidance can help the patient break the cycle of weight loss failure.

According to a review by Kim H. who lost 35 pounds at the center, “This place is amazing and I would recommend it to anyone. The staff is professional and my nutrition counselor Devin is so supportive and encouraging! I have struggled with my weight for the last couple of years and when covid hit, it just made it worst. I was my heaviest, I had ever been. After hearing the results of someone else that participated in this program locally who had great success, I figured I would try it for myself. In 90 days, I have lost 35 lbs and continuing to lose weight to make my goal of 65 lbs. The thing I love most is that they educate you on how to keep it off, so when you are done with the program you can maintain it. They tailor the program to you. I am so glad I took the chance and tried it. I even signed up for another 3 months.”

According to a review by Shawn B who lost 25 to 30 pounds, “In Summary – I would DEFINITELY recommend. I’ve lost about 25-30 lbs in the past 6 months (Went from 203 on Day 1 weigh into 173 last week) with their program, most of it in the first 3. For more details, keep reading.

The biggest help I got came from their consultation sessions with a dietitian. For the first 2 months, we met every week (They were quick to adapt to helping people while also maintaining social distancing). We reviewed my typical eating habits, and I was given recommendations for changing my diet, and some foods were even recommended to eat at a different time of the day. I adapted, kept with the program, and while everyone else was gaining during stay-at-home orders, I was losing. After my first program ended, I renewed for another round to keep up with the progress.”

Patients can visit the weight loss center’s website for a contact form that allows them to sign up for a free consultation.


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