Naperville Heat Repair Services Offered by Leipart Heating & Cooling

Leipart Heating & Cooling, an HVAC services company in Naperville, IL, is pleased to announced that they are ready to provide affordable furnace heat repair services in Naperville and surrounding areas. These include the repair of heat exchangers, which are also called thermal switch exchangers. These exchangers are of several types such as plate, pillow plate, tube also shell, fluid heat transfer, plate fin, plate fin, and even exchange plates. Leipart Heating and Cooling can provide repair services for such heating equipment for both the home and business in Naperville, Plainfield, Bolingbrook, Joliet, and Lockport.

Jim Leipart of Leipart Heating and Cooling says, “If you’re looking for an electric heating and AC contractor which isn’t only reliable and reputable, but fairly costing, Leipart Heating and Cooling may be the company for you. We are devoted to completely satisfy your requirements and we demonstrate our commitment in a number of ways. We’re always available to make sure you get a live response. And our expert technicians provide helpful and professional advice, in addition to superior products with superior benefits.”

There are two kinds of heat exchangers available. First, there are the gas model plate exchangers that are used internally for HVAC equipment such as AC and refrigeration units. Second, there are the Brazetek exchangers that have a few tubes that contain the actual fluid heat exchangers and/or gas depending on the type of cooling device. Brazetek exchangers are made of alloys with aluminum. These HVAC equipment are the simplest requirements in HVAC systems.

Leipart Heating and Cooling also wants homeowners and other property owners to know that maintenance is essential for HVAC equipment to minimize the frequency of requiring furnace or heat equipment repair services. This family-owned company has a team of EPA-certified and expert HVAC technicians who can provide honest recommendations, offer accurate estimates for a particular job, and perform the job properly the first time. The general maintenance services offered include maintenance of heating systems, maintenance of home comfort systems, air conditioning maintenance, indoor air quality checking, attic insulation maintenance, home performance checking, and air duct maintenance.

Aside from providing the appropriate heating or cooling requirement for the home or building, there is also the issue about indoor air quality. This is vital because it has to do with both the health and comfort of the occupants of the home or building. This means that the air filters of furnaces and heating equipment should be regularly checked to make sure that they are still working properly. The lifespan of an air filter used for HVAC systems usually range from 30 days to six months, depending on the heating schedule and the type of filter.

A dirty of clogged air filter will not only cause dirty air to flow inside the home or building but it will also negatively affect the HVAC equipment. It will also cause the fan used to circulate the air to work harder, which means higher electric consumption and expenses. In extreme cases, the entire heating system will just shut down or won’t turn on because the overworked components of the system will have been severely damaged.

Meanwhile, when the climate finally becomes hot, the company can also provide air conditioning (AC) repair and installation services with competitive prices. It is important to note that purchasing a cooling system for a home can be rather expensive. Thus, it is advisable to pick the right AC equipment and then ensure that it will be correctly installed the first time. Using AC equipment that has the wrong size or is a low-quality model may result in more costs later on and more problems. Choosing the least expensive model may actually be an expensive error. It is important to remember that the lower priced models are likely to be the least efficient, which means that they will use up a larger amount of energy while providing the same cooling. The result would be higher utility bills.

Those who are interested in furnace and heating equipment repair in Naperville and neighboring areas may want to visit the Leipart Heating and Cooling website, or contact them through the phone or via email.


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