Nannini's Linen Services, LLC Provides Linen Service In Atlanta

Atlanta, Georgia based party equipment rental service Nannini’s Linen Services, LLC is providing linen services in and across Atlanta. From linen rentals, to sales and even washing and maintenance, Nannini’s Linen Services, LLC provides a comprehensive linen service. More information about the company can be found at the following link: Nannini Linen Service.

Kristine B, a representative for Nannini’s Linen Service, LLC, says, “If you are conducting a social event, you’re going to need linens. From small gatherings to award ceremonies to weddings, having the place bedecked with linen automatically lends it an air of class and elegance. Of course, it’s not economical to buy linens for one-time events, so if you are conducting such an event in Atlanta, you need a reliable supplier of high-quality linens. That’s where we come in.”

Kristine adds, “Whether it’s one linen or one hundred, whether you want it in solid colours or with designs, basic or bling, satin or polyester — whatever it is, we have it. We can guarantee that Nanninni’s Linen Services has the exact type of linen you need to elevate your event to the next level. Further, our team of design consultants are always available to all of our clients, and they can help you pick the right linen to make your event look as grand as it can be.”

In addition to linen rentals, Nannini’s Linen Services also provides linen washing services. With a fleet of high capacity commercial washing machines, dryers, and irons, the company is able to quickly wash and dry any amount of their clients’ linens, drapes and towels. Kristine says, “If you are concerned about maintaining a sanitary environment or are limited on time or resources, you don’t have to worry too much. Nannini’s Linen Services will do all the dirty work for you!”

The company also sells linens to clients who wish to save money by eliminating replacement fees. Kristine explains, “If you buy your own linens for your events, especially if you are frequently conducting many events, you stand to save a lot of money. If you are interested in learning more about purchasing your own linen, feel free to get in touch with us and we’ll help you.”

Nannini’s Linen Services was established by John N. Nannini, who spent his youth working at a local linen company and learned that the key to growing a successful business is to provide a high-quality product and service that exceeds the expectations of his customers. With that experience and knowledge, he was able to start his own linen company, Tabletoppers, in Chicago in 1975. His drive to provide his clients with anything they needed earned him the title of ‘The Man of the Cloth.’

His reputation for excellent services spread, and John Sr. received the lucrative offer to provide service linens for the 1996 Olympics, inspiring him to expand to the growing Georgia market. His foresight and immediate action allowed the company to quickly gain a foothold and experience great success in Atlanta. All the while, John Jr. was following his father’s footsteps closely and went on to map out a brighter future for the company. After the passing of John Sr. in 2011, John Jr. opened Nannini’s Linen Services as a way to honor his father and keep his memory alive. Since then, Nannini’s Linen Services has been proudly providing residents of Atlanta with linen rentals of the high quality that they have come to expect.

The variety of high quality services provided by Nannini’s Linen Services, LLC has earned the company a lot of praise from their clients. On the Google platform, they have a rating of 4.1 out of 5 Stars. In a recent review, Jeffery Quinn succinctly shares his experiences with the company, saying, “Amazing service, wonderful equipment.”

Those who want to learn more about Nannini's Linen Services, LLC and their services are welcome to visit the company's website to get started. They encourage interested parties to get in touch with Kristine B directly via email or phone, and the company can also be reached through the contact form on their website. Nannini's Linen Services, LLC. maintains a presence on Facebook where they frequently post updates, share media and communicate with their customers.


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