Nannini Linen Services Expands Its Rental Linen Catalog

Linen rental is now better with the expanded catalog at Nannini Linen Services

Nannini Linen Services has announced that they now have a broader collection of linen materials and colors. The company is a professional service provider in the linen industry providing rental linen for people or organizations that would like to use linen for a specific event. This service is aimed at reducing the cost and the commitment of buying linen that might not be used as often as it should to make financial sense.

Speaking during the announcement, a company representative said, “We have been in this industry long enough to be considered gurus of linen services. To make sure that we are serving our rental linen customers to their satisfaction, we are always looking for new linen materials and designs to add to our collection. We have a lot of colors to meet different needs and believe that we can handle any of our clients’ needs satisfactorily. We are also expanding to new locations in the near future to make sure that we serve our customers better.”

The company also offers other linen services such as washing. On this, the representative said, “As you check our improved linen rentals list, don’t forget to check out other services we offer including linen cleaning which is aimed at taking off the linen washing burden off your back after an event.”

About the Company: Nannini Linen Services is a linen service company offering different services including line rentals, linen for sale, and linen washing. The company works with a team of experienced experts to provide high quality services in the linen industry. Nannini Linen services has over 40 years of experience and focuses on making event visions a reality through knowledgeable designers and high quality materials.


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