Nannini Linen Service Points Out Some of the Most Picturesque Wedding Settings in Atlanta They Have Been a Part Of

Nannini Linen Service, a popular Atlanta linen rental, washing, and sales company, has been a part of many wedding festivities in and around their city for over 40-years now. That has led them to accumulate a list of some of the best wedding venues in the Atlanta area. This list is something they thought would be nice to share with the general public in case there are couples out there that are having trouble coming up with ideas for where they want their wedding or reception to be held. They even are willing to share what information they have on these ideal Atlanta area wedding spots.

Kristine B, a spokesperson for Nannini Linen Service, says, “We have been providing and washing linens for a variety of events in the Atlanta area over the last several decades. Of these events, among the most fun for us to do are weddings. There is just something infectious as far as happiness goes when two people are about to embark on a lifelong journey together. Over the years, we have also been privileged to provide linens for weddings that have been held at some incredibly picturesque locations. As a few of us started talking about these amazing Atlanta area wedding venues at the office last week, someone came up with the idea that it would be fun to share some of these locations with others who may not know they even exist.”

Nannini Linen Services

The company says that a consensus was reached at the office that among the best wedding spots in Atlanta is at the Millennium Gate Museum which is located in the Northern part of the city. Kristine added that it’s a pretty incredible location for those that want an outdoor wedding. The 100-foot-tall monumental gate provides the backdrop for what is a beautifully landscaped park complete with a small lake and many beautiful species of trees. She says the surrounding architecture in this area of the city also perfectly complements the setting. Kristine says that another outdoor wedding venue that most at the company thinks very highly of is Callaway Gardens located in Pine Mountain. This venue sits just 1-hour Southwest of Atlanta. As the name implies, she says the setting for this venue is deep inside a picturesque botanical garden. Its most popular feature is the Ida Cason Callaway Memorial Chapel which closely resembles a 16th-century Gothic chapel complete with artistic stained-glass windows and a stone altar. The chapel even sits by a small lake.

According to Kristine, there are also some incredible indoor settings that they have been privileged to provide linens for the occasion. She says this includes the Swan House in Peachtree Heights which dates back to 1928 and features some stunning Second Renaissance Revival architecture. This venue even served as President Snow’s mansion in the movie ‘The Hunger Games’. Also topping the list of those at the company’s favorite indoor Atlanta wedding locations is the downtown Georgia Aquarium. Kristine stated that although this is one of the more unusual indoor wedding settings that they have furnished linens for, there was something special and dramatic about having the large fish tanks there serve as the background for any couple’s big day.

Kristine went on to add that no matter where someone decides to have their wedding in the Atlanta area, they are always ready to help with the many different types of linen services that they can provide. She stated that they not only supply linens for sale or rental for weddings but also for corporate events, banquets, and just about any other type of formal or semi-formal gathering that someone can think of. Their sale linens come in both extravagant choices such as satin and more budget-friendly choices such as polyester fabric. The company spokesperson stated that they can even match the color of the linens to any events theme or a customer’s wishes. They even have an in-house design team that is always willing to help make a set of linens that helps provide the ideal backdrop for a wedding or other event.

For anyone in the Atlanta area that is interested in linen rentals, sale linens, or linen washing services for any type of event, Kristine says that they can be contacted by phone, email, or by filling out the form found on the homepage of their website.


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