MyBioSource Publishes Poll Analyzing The Stigma Surrounding The COVID-19 Vaccine Rollout

MyBioSource, a biotechnical products distribution company and the leading source of COVID-19/SARS-CoV-2 research reagents, has conducted a poll that has found that 48% of vaccinated Americans will stay away from unvaccinated friends and colleagues.

As of the time of writing, roughly 100 million people across America have been fully vaccinated against the coronavirus. This number is roughly equivalent to 40% of the country’s adult population. To visualize this number effectively, the company says that in a group of five friends or work colleagues, there is a good chance that three of them may be unvaccinated according to the current statistics. The company says that there is a lot of misinformation surrounding vaccines and immunizations. Someone who is skeptical of their efficacy and safety may choose to not vaccinate at all.

According to MyBioSource’s survey of approximately 3,400 people to find out if the phenomenon that is being dubbed as “Vaccine Stigma” will impact social habits, particularly in terms of coming into contact with those who choose not to be vaccinated, it was found that nearly half (48%) of vaccinated Americans say that once lockdown restrictions are lifted, they will be avoiding contact with friends and colleagues who have chosen not to be vaccinated. Women felt slightly more strongly about it (49%) than men (47%). Across the country, the figure was found to be highest in Maryland, with 65% of people saying they will avoid mixing with non-vaccinated people once lockdowns are fully lifted. Comparatively, just 11% of respondents in Idaho, which has a more rural demographic, say they will be avoiding unvaccinated individuals. MyBioSource has created an infographic to better illustrate the results across the country. It can be accessed at

Another contentious issue is the decision by various state governments to hand out freebies when someone gets their vaccinations. MyBioSource’s survey found that over a third (37%) of respondents agree with the principle of incentives. The incentives are being offered in the form of money or products to encourage people to get vaccinated. This follows reports of businesses offering free products to anyone who can prove they have been vaccinated. Budweiser is offering those who are 21 and over and vaccinated a free round of beer. Krispy Kreme is offering a free donut to anyone with POV (proof of vaccination). The Mint Dispensary, a Phoenix-based cannabis dispensary, is even offering free edibles to those who are 21 and over that display their vaccine card. Likewise, the ‘Pot for Shots’ program, a Michigan initiative, offers free pre-rolled marijuana joints to those who are 21 and over and have POV.

The survey also found that 2 in 5 (40%) people who have been vaccinated would be prepared to end friendships if they discovered some of their friends refused to be vaccinated. The company says that since people who are unvaccinated against the coronavirus can pose a serious health risk to those around them, especially those at high risk for severe illness, this concern outweighs the social aspect for some.

The survey also found that over 1 in 3 (37%) respondents think unvaccinated people should be required to sit separately on public transport facilities, such as buses and trains. Finally, nearly half (46%) of people think public venues, such as gyms, movie theaters, and concerts, should have separate opening hours for unvaccinated people, so as to reduce mixing between those who are vaccinated and those who are unvaccinated.

A spokesperson for MyBioSource says, “The statistics paint a hopeful picture for the future of the fight against coronavirus. We hope more people make the right decision to take control of their health in the face of the challenge that the country is facing from this terrible once-in-a-lifetime pandemic. In the meanwhile, MyBioSource will continue delivering our high-quality product portfolio of IgG/IgM serology antibody assays, PCR Kits, humanized and traditional antibodies, recombinant proteins, and more, to those who need it, all over the country.”


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