My Site's Faster Offers Wordpress Speed Optimization Service

My Site's Faster, a company based in Burnsville, Minnesota, is pleased to announce that they are offering a premium website optimization service. They offer a comprehensive Wordpress speed optimization service for low performing websites. Their services include fast and secure website hosting, image SEO, digital marketing, Wordpress optimization, and a lot more. Their team of experts initially evaluate the client’s web presence, then specify areas of improvement, and find the issues that are slowing down the loading of the website. This lack of performance is turning away customers, and reducing their site’s overall Google page rank. The company provides customized services to make sure the website functions at it's best, is optimized perfectly, and ranked high in the search engines.

They offer various kinds of services for a website. Sam Klejwa from My Site’s Faster says, “Let our team of experts evaluate your web presence, identify areas of improvement, and find the issues that are slowing your site down. We offer customized services to make sure your site performs at it's best, ranks high, and is optimized perfectly.”

Wordpress Speed Optimization Service

With the My Site's Faster - Website Optimization service, the client's site will outperform the competition with full-service Wordpress optimization services. My Site's Faster offers three tiers of service: Tier One, which provides hosting with one or their premium partners and Google page speed optimization.

The Tier Two package is the most in demand and it provides various services, such as: hosting with one of their premium partners; Google page speed optimization; up to 10 images optimized each month; and a monthly strategy call.

The Tier Three package is the top of the line package. It is composed of: hosting with one of their premium partners; Google page speed optimization; up to 10 images optimized per month; monthly strategy call; website reorganization and redesign; and search engine optimization.

The first thing that the company would do for the website is to increase the Google PageSpeed Score. With the new Mobile First Index, it's more important than ever that the website is as optimized and as fast as possible. The company has expertise in fine-tuning sites to perform well on all the modern benchmarks, boosting the client’s SEO credibility, and ensuring that their customers have an overall better user experience.

Even if the site’s Wordpress theme looks sleek and professional, it may be turning some customers away. That's because slow page loading speed is a major factor in whether the users remain on the website or navigate away before it loads. Optimizing a Wordpress theme for speed and performance is time-consuming, and many developers are trying to cut corners. My Site's Faster team will fine-tune the site to get a better Google Page Speed score, thus allowing the website to retain more customers.

They want to point out to customers that keeping Wordpress updated and safe can be a daunting job. But their team can work with the client to create an update schedule, making sure that the website will be secure against new security vulnerabilities that pop up every day. They will also audit the site to ensure that logins and FTP are secure, and that the upgrade paths for the site’s theme, core and plugins work properly.

They will also provide crystal-clear image optimization. As the web goes mobile, image optimization is more important than ever to conserve bandwidth and reduce loading time. They will therefore optimize the images on the site so that they can load as quickly as possible, and add custom search-engine-optimized metadata that provides the site with an edge with Google. The site will retain sharp imagery without compromising speed.

And finally, they will provide top-tier managed hosting. The company has tested nearly every major host out there, and worked with a select few to provide customers the best Wordpress hosting experience for their website. This ensures an overall happy client experience.

Those interested in learning more about the services provided by My Site's Faster - Web Hosting Company can check out their website or contact them through the telephone or via email. They are open from Monday to Friday, from 8:30 am to 4:30 am.


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