Muse Addiction Treatment Center in Los Angeles Congratulates Former Yankees Pitcher CC Sabathia as He Celebrates Six Years of Sobriety

Los Angeles, CA – He spent two decades at the top of his game, a six-time All-Star and standout player on the 2009 World Series championship New York Yankees. But it wasn’t until near the end of his storied career that Cy Young Award-winning pitcher CC Sabathia struck out his biggest rival: alcoholism.

Muse Addiction Treatment Center in Los Angeles applauds Sabathia for seeking help and for sharing his story to inspire others to seek help and heal. Asking for help was “the hardest thing,” Sabathia said, but when he finally did, it changed his life for the better. He’s now celebrating six years of sobriety.

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“The past six years of my life have been great but leading up to that it was miserable,” he told an interviewer. “There was a lot of anxiety.”

Sabathia, who retired in 2015, is now a spokesman for an alcohol-treatment campaign and speaks out about the dependency that made him so miserable. He talks about his years as a “functioning alcoholic” – one who thinks they have their lives under control despite being unable to quit drinking.

The term Sabathia uses is “disciplined drunk.” Throughout the 15 years when alcohol controlled him, he writes in his 2021 memoir, Till the End, he was “so good at timing my benders that I’d won a Cy Young award and a championship ring and been paid $260 million.” But that took elaborate planning. Even then, he was not in control but was controlled by his dependence.

“Say I pitched on Monday,” he writes, “That night, Tuesday night, Wednesday night, I was hammered. Thursday, Friday — detox, nothing but water and Gatorade. Saturday, when I came out of the game, I needed a Crown and Sprite at my locker.”

He finally sought treatment in 2015 and has been sober ever since.

Sabathia’s experience is a common one. Many people who abuse alcohol and drugs delay seeking help because they believe they “have it under control” – and at first glance, they often do seem to have everything in order. Sooner or later, however, substance abuse erodes away at their life and outward appearances become harder and harder to maintain.

Sabathia’s addiction was actually quite obvious to his family and teammates, and his altercations with opposing teams and officials were well documented in the media. His wife finally threw him out after one too many drunken episodes, which had included brawls, blackouts and, finally, being drunk while watching his son’s high school football practice. He drove his car into a tree that night, he writes in his memoir.

He finally admitted his problem when he was about to take a drink to steady himself before a game. On the last day of the 2015 regular season, he quit the team and entered rehab.

The success Sabathia found is available to anyone ready to seek help for addiction. Muse’s alcohol and drug treatment programs help clients recover, address underlying issues, and get on track to achieve a life better than they had ever dreamed possible. The center’s holistic approach to healing aims to help individuals not only deal with addiction but also thrive in life. Recovery from addiction is the beginning of the journey to a better, more fulfilling life, free from the toxic substances and compromising behaviors that come with it.

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