Murder Hornets Not In Georgia, Yet, Says Company

Two days after it was located on Saturday, October, 24th, the first "murder hornets" nest in the Untied States was eliminated. The Asian giant hornets nest was located by WSDA staff through trackers that they attached to several of the hornets that they have previously caught. When they arive to the Washington nest, there were tons of Asian giant hornets flying in and out of the tree. Prior to the nest removal, the owner of the property said that it was ok to take the nest and remove the tree if needed.

Asian giant hornets, commonly referred to as "murder hornets," are not usually found in the US but were discovered last year in December in Washington state. The WSDA was sure to act fast in setting up a network of traps around the state to protect local residents and honey bees. This species of hornet can eradicate an entire colony of honey bees in a few hours. They usually build their nest in the ground but can also be found in dead trees.

The WSDA worked hard to locate the Asian giant hornets as quickly as possible. They caught the first one in July and began putting tracking devices on all of the hornets that they were able to catch. This led them right to the nest to begin the extermination. This isn't believed to be the only nest in Washington and it is unclear if the hornets have spread beyond the borders of Washington state. Because of this, people should always be cautiious when they see a pest that looks anything like a bee, wasp, or hornet.

Buzz's Bee Removal has been in the stinging pest control industry for years and is ready for any murder hornet infestation that might happen. It is unlikely that this species of hornet is in Georgia yet but it can happen so it is best to be cautious. Their team of exterminators have prepared for any infestation of the sorts and is ready to fight off any murder hornet infestation in Georgia.

Their Peachtree City branch just announced that they purchased new equipment to better fight against this species of hornet. Their team has been to many trainings about hornet pest control and are ready for any infestation that might happen. The president of Buzz's Bee Removal of Peachtree City recently said, "Our team is working hard to prepare for possible murder hornet infestations in Georgia. If anyone thinks they might have a hornet problem on their property, do not go near it. This can be extremely dangerous. Call us immediately and we will be able to identify the pests and then safely remove them from your property."

The company offers professional bee removal, wasp removal, and hornet extermination solutions to the local residents and business owners of Georgia. If anyone thinks they have a stinging pest problem they should contact Buzz's Bee Removal of Peachtree City today, their team would love to answer any questions or concerns that people might have. They can be contacted by phone or on their website at


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