Multiweigh UK Introduces New Salad Weighers

Multiweigh UK, a company based in Carlisle, Cumbria, is pleased to announce that they have recently released a range of salad weighing machines. These are accurate weighing machines that have been designed specifically to weigh leafy salad vegetables, such as lettuce, baby leaf, spinach, rocket, and more. Leafy salad is one of the most difficult products to pack and weigh on a production line because of its delicate nature. The multihead weigher from Multiweigh UK offers an innovative solution using air to move delicate materials, such as the leafy salad vegetables, into the weighing machine, eliminating problems often caused by other weighers, such as bruising of the product.

The multihead weigher takes care of the product and is also capable of mixing several kinds of salad leaf in the correct proportions ready for packaging. Lettuce types include a variety of shapes and sizes. Common varieties include leaf lettuce, chicory lettuce, oak-leaf, iceberg, endive, etc. The multihead weighers connect with bagging machines to seal in the correct amount of product, at the correct weight whilst ensuring the correct quality. Multiweigh UK staff are Processing and Packaging Machinery Association (PPMA) members and are experts in setting up specific machine types configured to suit products that require weighing, having done many installs in the UK.

multihead weigher  salad weighing machine

The salad weighing machine newly introduced by Multiweigh UK offers a number of distinctive features. First, they are easy to program. They make use of IPC-controlled Linux technology in conjunction with an intuitive touchscreen control unit. Second, they use a patented HDX Vibration and conveyance technology for operating the radial feeders. This patented air flow technology has been specifically designed for salad leafy vegetables, helping the salad leaf to flow more easily and provide quicker packing speeds. They have been observed to be 20 percent faster than competitor machines.

The Multiweigh UK salad weighing machine has a modular design, which means that it is easy to maintain because any faulty modules can simply be removed and then replaced. There is even no need to reprogram because the software automatically recognizes new modules, allowing the user to continue weighing in minutes. And its Direct Drive technology means this weighing machine does not use springs to operate hopper doors, whether inside or outside. Instead, it utilizes a Direct Drive motor system that has fewer moving parts and therefore there is less chance of breakage. This means that this machine practically maintenance free.

This salad leaf multihead weigher has also been designed to avoid noise pollution, emitting noise that is below 75 decibels when it is running empty. This ensures a more comfortable working environment for the workers.

It also provides secure remote access through a VPN, which means that many problems can be resolved without the need to have an engineer on site. And for any other issues, engineers from Multiweigh UK are available 24/7. They provide 24-hour telephone support and 24-hour call-out service whenever there is a need.

A spokesperson for Multiweigh UK says, “Our goal is simple. We aim to provide our customers with a multihead weigher that pays for itself. We can normally achieve this in the first 9 - 12 months.”

It should be noted that these multihead weighers are not just for the food industry, although much of their application in centred on this area because of the need to accurately weigh various ingredients and foodstuffs. These machines are capable of weighing 10 different items on one machine into 10 individual containers or just one container. Meanwhile, several contract packers and food manufacturing companies have also used these multihead weighing machines to package plastic components like bottle tops and golf tees.

The frozen food industry often uses these multihead weighing machines. Because of their IP67 ratings, they can be used safely in wet and high-risk environments. These machines can also be used in combination with Multiweigh UK’s counting software to make sure that the quantity of items in a pack is accurate.

Those who are interested in the new salad weigher from Multiweigh UK may want to check out their website, or contact them through the telephone or via email.


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