Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Shares Advice To Keep Motorcyclists Safe

The Angell Law Firm, based in Atlanta, Georgia, recently published a blog post on their website, titled ‘Road Hazards Motorcyclists Should Look Out For.’ The law firm specializes in personal injury cases, particularly road accident cases, and have taken the initiative to provide valuable information to their local community. Learn more here:

The post begins by acknowledging that there are many risks for motorcyclists on the road. Motorcycles are unique because they are more exposed to dangers as opposed to people in cars or trucks, for example. Unlike when driving in an automobile, a motorcyclist will not have the protection of a metal frame around them. Motorcycles are also not as stable as automobiles, and they are far harder to see when driving on a road (when compared to cars and trucks). Statistics show that motorcyclists are, “26 times more likely to die in a collision and five times more likely to be injured,” as stated in the blog post.

In two-thirds of accidents that involve a motorcycle and a passenger vehicle, the driver of the passenger car caused the accident. The fatality rate in motorcycle accidents continues to rise despite the fact that car accident fatality rates remain steady or are declining. Due to this, when riding a motorcycle, one has to be extremely vigilant about one’s surroundings and any hazards that could present themselves. Learn more here: Atlanta Motorcycle Accident Attorney.

The post discusses some of the most common road hazards motorcyclists should avoid. This includes rough roads, wet surfaces and railway crossings and more. In certain areas, one would even have to be wary of wildlife or gravel on roads. When an individual is new to riding a motorcycle, the firm advises that they avoid assuming what may be dangerous and what is not. Even if one is an exceptional motorcyclist, one still is not guaranteed safety from road accidents. To quote the blog post, “Many things can prove to be catastrophic to a motorcyclist that one might never think to look for, such as loose dirt.”

Before one gets comfortable riding, it is best to have a working knowledge of the road’s various hazards. Rough roads are a more obvious hazard than the others one would see on this list. The post explains this, stating that, “Any rough or bumpy road, whether it’s from new road work, disrepair or resurfacing efforts, can cause you to wreck your bike.” The firm goes on to advise riders to be cautious of rough roads when planning a journey.

When it comes to wet surfaces, it states, “just about any surface has the potential to become wet and slippery due to adverse weather conditions.” Slippery road surfaces are more dangerous to motorcycles as they are much lighter than automobiles. When this is combined with the instability factor, it can lead to one losing control of the motorcycle, which often leads to devastating accidents. The other hazards are explained in detail in the blog post. Learn more here: Motorcycle Accident Injury Victims Urged To Seek Legal Aid At The Angell Law Firm.

Although motorcycle accidents are not completely preventable, there are steps one can take to keep safe while driving a motorcycle. The first of these is to always obey speed limits. However, if one is driving on a slippery surface, through gravel or in an area known for its wildlife, it is safer to go even slower than the speed limit. One needs to be ready to react to one’s surroundings in a split second, so remaining alert is crucial. This helps a person to avoid potential causes of motorcycle accidents. Before going out, one should always check the weather. The dangers of driving in the rain are already established, but strong winds can be equally dangerous as it can knock a person off balance. The post elaborates on this, stating that, “Certain areas, like bridges, coastal areas and gaps between bridges can be especially dangerous in the wind and other adverse conditions. If you do hit a strong wind, try to steer into it to maintain your balance.”

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