Mother Thanks The Source Addiction Treatment Center in Fort Lauderdale for Helping Bring Her Family Together Again

Fort Lauderdale, FL - The mother of a young man struggling with alcohol and depression recently thanked The Source Addiction Treatment Center in Fort Lauderdale in a heartfelt 5-star Google review. She praised The Source for acting quickly to help her son and for showing her family the love, care, and dedication they needed to come together as a family again.

Addiction experts say substance abuse almost always impacts the family of the person who’s struggling. Family members want to help their loved ones overcome their struggle but the mental health disorder causes changes in behavior and thinking that can make it seem impossible to quit.

The Source Treatment Center in Fort Lauderdale

In her review, the client’s mother praised the way Randy Clark, The Source’s Director of Outreach, responded so rapidly to their call for help.

“Amazing help,” she said. “Randy is a very caring and helpful person, my son is having problems with alcohol and depression, we met Randy in November, and today I reached out to him. In 10 minutes he was meeting with us, helped me with my son, now he is in detox with the help of Randy.”

From the very beginning, The Source’s founders set out to challenge the negative reputation of the South Florida rehab industry. They’ve built their reputation as a different kind of treatment center by leading with a clear purpose, cause, and belief.

The Source’s purpose is to leave no man or woman behind. They will aid anyone who reaches out to them for help with mental health or addiction, whether that means treating them at their own facility or directing them to another that better suits the person’s needs. Their belief is that clients and staff are not like family, they are family, and everyone is treated as such. Their cause is to always seek to impact clients, not profits. They believe that by doing good work with clear intentions, the revenue will take care of itself.

As this mother said, “Sometimes [it’s] better not to have money but [instead] have good people like Randy around us – loving, caring, and doing as much as he can to bring the family [back] together.”

When asked how they create this family-oriented environment, Bill Rodman, Director of Operations at The Source said, “The answer is simple. It is the people. The Source hires employees not because they need a job, but because their mindset aligns with our purpose, cause, and belief. They are inspired and empowered to make decisions that enhance the clients’ experience, as long as it makes clinical and ethical sense.”

Rodman went on to say, “Providing a safe place for the clients creates an opportunity for connection and this is essential. Many clients come in with fear. To overcome fear, they need to become vulnerable and let people in. The result of becoming more vulnerable is opening up. This is where trust is built because the clients know that we have their back and the transformation begins. That’s when the “magic” happens, as we call it.”

In her review, the young man’s mother explained that her son was also suffering from depression. Mental health issues like depression, anxiety, and PTSD can be the driving forces behind substance abuse as people turn to alcohol and drugs to relieve their symptoms.

The Source focuses treatment on the root causes of addiction. By providing him with effective therapy for depression and trauma, this woman’s son can learn to manage his emotions in healthier ways that have positive impacts, rather than temporarily numbing his emotional pain with alcohol and escalating both disorders.

The Fort Lauderdale mother ended her review by saying, “The Source is an excellent place to go, they treat us like family... as a mother of one child, I highly recommend. If you ever need help, God first, and with the help of [The Source], everything will come in place.”

The Source welcomes any parent with a child who’s abusing alcohol or drugs and any person who feels alone in their struggle against addiction to reach out for help. They can help bring an end to the cycle of addiction through their caring and compassionate approach to treatment. Call (800) 204-0418 to speak directly with a member of The Source’s team. Those not ready to talk can visit to learn more or to begin a live chat with an admissions counselor online.


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