Mortgage Right, Announces Fully Customizable Compensation Plan for Net Branches

A leading mortgage broker, Mortgage Right, has announced that net branch operators will be able to take advantage of a fully customizable compensation plan. The plan can be tailored to each producer’s needs.

New York City, USA - Mortgage Right is one of the most established mortgage brokers in the United States. The company recently announced via an official press release that net branch owners will now be entitled to custom compensation plans. That means owners will be able to customize their compensation plans based on several variables. Generally, more productive net branches get rewarded with better compensation.

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Mortgage Right has been on a mission to recruit more net branches in recent years. The company has been able to successfully grow across many states and has become one of the most recognized names in the industry. However, the company is also looking for ways to incentivize net branch owners to be more productive while at the same time motivating investors to set up net branches. That’s one of the reasons why Mortgage Right announced customizable compensation.

According to experts, the customizable compensation will motivate many on the fence to start running their own net branch, effectively extending the business’s reach. Net branches offer a win-win situation for both the brand and the branch. Branches get to take advantage of the company's reputation and tools to grow.

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“We want to make net branching highly profitable for all our producers. That’s why our team is always working on ways to help us, and our network of net branches grow exponentially. In our opinion, being able to customize compensation is an excellent way for net branch owners to tell us what works for them. This then allows us to work with net branches in similar situations,” said one of the representatives for Mortgage Right.

She added, “Whether you want to make more money, or need better support Mortgage Right, is the best choice for you.”

Mortgage Right is one of the leading mortgage brokers in America. The company has grown exponentially in recent years, partly thanks to a vast network of net branches. However, the company pride itself on being transparent and offering clients excellent customer service, which ensures that they make the right decisions.


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