Mold Testing And Mold Inspection Are Actually Different - Miami Based Quick Mold Labs Shares

Doral, Florida based Quick Mold Labs is reaching out to the wider community to share that mold testing and a mold inspection are actually separate services with distinct purposes. Quick Mold Labs is a local, family-owned company that is committed to keeping the residents of Florida safe from mold.

Francesco Diaz of Quick Mold Labs says, “If you think you might have mold issues and have been researching mold, you may have come across businesses that list both mold inspection and mold testing as part of the services they provide. While they may seem like the same thing at a glance, this is not the case. Mold inspection is the process of identifying the presence of mold, whereas mold testing attempts to identify what specific type of mold is in your home.”

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Quick Mold Labs explains that their mold inspection services take place at the property that is suspected of having mold. Typically, their mold inspector performs a visual check and speaks with the property owner about any water damage, leaks, moisture issues or mold growth that has previously been detected.

On the other hand, Quick Mold Labs conducts mold testing in a laboratory using samples collected during the mold inspection. The obtained materials are analyzed under strictly regulated circumstances. The varieties of mold are detected (as well as the number of mold spores circulating in the home's air). Mold testing may be included as part of the service in some mold inspections.

If someone suspects mold growth in their property, Quick Mold Labs recommends that they immediately reach out to a mold inspection specialist. Many types of mold are harmful to human and animal health. Those who already have asthma, allergies or compromised immune systems are at a higher risk of developing these problems. The presence of mold might cause eye discomfort, tiredness, and respiratory difficulties at first. Given that even a few days of mold exposure can create health concerns, detecting mold through a mold inspection professional is a key priority. While there are at-home mold kits, they are not as effective.

Diaz says, “If you have a mold problem, you will always be able to rely on us to make your home safe again. Whether you are dealing with mold in your bathroom, kitchen, ceiling, HVAC, walls or anywhere else, we are proud to say that there is no one better than our team to help you. If you find yourself facing a mold emergency, do not hesitate to reach out to us. We offer on-call services to our Miami customers, and we will be there as soon as possible to help.”

The services provided by the Miami mold inspection company have earned them praise from Florida home and business owners alike. Alexander B. says in their recent 5-Star review, “Great company with fast service! I called them because my kids kept getting sick. I talked to the owner, Frank, and explained to him that I really needed quick results for my family, and they sent over a technician the next morning who was able to identify the mold problem I had.”

In another review on Yelp, Scarleth G. writes, “Excellent company. Very, very reasonable prices. Had a issue because I kept getting sick like if I had the flu, and it was driving me insane. I called them. They sent a guy named Frank, the guy spotted a mold issue in my A/C system that I was not aware of. That mold kept spreading throughout my house without being noticed. Had it fixed right away.”

Those looking for mold inspection in Miami or who simply wish to learn more about Quick Mold Labs can visit their website for more information. The company encourages interested parties to get in touch with their team via the contact page on their website. Francesco Diaz can be reached via email or phone. Quick Mold Labs also maintains a presence on social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more.


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