Modern Dentistry Recommended By Dentist In Woden

Phillip, ACT based Acacia Dental Group is pleased to offer their patients the full spectrum of advantages provided by a modern dental practice. While general dentistry still plays a vital role in helping keep patients healthy and smiling brightly, modern dentistry builds on this foundation to ensure the care they receive is as comprehensive as technologically possible. Anyone looking for a dentist in Woden would do best to seek out a clinic that stays up to date with the newest developments in the field.

Acacia Dental Group comments that it will not be difficult to identify such a practice, given a little research. To begin with, clinics of this caliber will provide several dental procedures that are considered to represent the pinnacle of dentistry, including crowns (using Cerec and so on), dental implants, Invisalign, veneers and more. Patients may even find the most cutting-edge cosmetic here, such as teeth whitening that gives them exactly the effect they want with virtually no safety risk (and the benefit of a durable result).

Modern dentist in Woden

“Modern dentistry,” Acacia Dental states, “involves offering more than general dentistry services. Dental practices need to provide quality dental care, advanced dentistry, modern technology, competitive prices and, most importantly, great patient care.”

However, patients should also be aware that dental practices can vary in value even within the scope of modern dentistry. Family-run practices, for instance, will often be more community-focused and place a higher priority on a better patient experience than strictly being run in pursuit of higher profits. Corporate-run practices can offer advanced treatments and offer a high-quality of service, and many of their teams may even desire nothing more than to do what is best for their patients. Unfortunately, the policies at these practices tend to be based more on productivity and numbers, which may lead to the quality of the patient experience being undercut by chronic upselling and sometimes even the use of substandard equipment. Additionally, they can have a high degree of staff turnover, making it harder for patients to build a relationship with their team.

Patients looking for an example of why family-run practices are superior need look no further than Acacia Dental Group. While they too have to remain somewhat profit-driven simply to stay afloat as a business, they are under no obligation to make this their ultimate goal at every turn. As a result, they have more room to make every patient’s well-being a core foundation of their service.

This is extremely evident in the clinic’s customer feedback and testimonials. Scarlet F. says in their Google review, “Today, Dr. Mallik performed some wisdom teeth extractions for me. I am terrible with these things and was beyond terrified about having it done, nearly backing out several times. I am so glad I didn't. Dr. Mallik was amazing! The whole thing was completely painless, including the needle to numb my gums. His manner was so caring, and he checked on me every few minutes to make sure I was okay. His assistants are equally as lovely, putting me at ease, reassuring me and holding my hand during the whole thing. He was done in about 5 minutes, I couldn’t believe it.”

The patient adds that they also trust their children’s care to this dentist. “He also sees my three little boys,” the review says, “and he is amazing with them (one was very scared, and he was terrific with him). It is a wonderful, caring family practice, and I cannot recommend it highly enough. If you are putting off needed dental work because you are scared of the pain, please see Dr. Mallik, it will be pain free, and you will be so glad you did. If I could give even more stars, I would. Very happy family of five customers.”

New patients will be pleased to learn that their first consultation at Acacia Dental Group is completely free. If any issues are discovered, the dentist will discuss all treatment options with the patient. Crucially, Acacia Dental confirms that patients are under no obligation to accept the dentist’s recommendations or go through with the suggested procedure. They consider it their duty simply to outline what they think is best for the patient, who will then be able to make an informed decision.

Anyone concerned about their dental health can schedule an appointment by contacting Acacia Dental Group today. They are also encouraged to inquire about the clinic’s ‘First Time Patient’ package.


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