Mobile Mechanic in Kenosha Wisconsin Discusses the Advantages of Using Their Services

It’s typical to see car service centers scattered across different areas of Kenosha, Wisconsin but it's highly unusual to find an auto mechanic that goes right to their customers’ locations. That’s exactly what the reputable mechanics at Dozier Auto Service do. They are that rare mobile mechanic services provider that will go to a customer’s home, office, or wherever their car has broken down around Kenosha, to perform various vehicle maintenance and repair services for them. This type of specialized vehicle care service offers many advantages to those that call Dozier Auto Service.

This mobile mechanic service’s owner, David Dozier, says, “We truly offer a very unique type of auto service that provides so many advantages to those that use it. There are even some people in our area that do not even realize that a mobile car maintenance and repair services provider like us even exists. That’s the reason why I like to share the advantages that using a mobile mechanic service like ours offers and some of the different types of vehicle services that we perform.”

Dozier says that the best part of their mobile mechanic service is the convenience that it offers to their customers. It eliminates such problems as rearranging busy schedules to get car maintenance and service done and having to wait around for that work to be done. A customer will also no longer have to coordinate with family members or friends to make arrangements to drop off a car at an auto shop and then pick it back up after the needed services have been completed. He says in cases where a car has broken down because they go right to where that vehicle is parked, the customer will also save on towing fees. This mobile mechanic service’s owner says that simply put, there is no easier or more convenient way for an individual to get most of their car’s service needs taken care of.

Another benefit of their mobile mechanic services that was discussed is that just like at most auto service centers; all of their techs are experienced and certified mechanics. That guarantees that all of their work will be done to high-quality standards. He says their techs also provide a one-on-one experience that is much better than having to deal with several different people at a dealership service center or local auto mechanic shop. Also brought up was that their mobile auto service offers competitive pricing and their mobile repair services can be availed of by appointment or as part of a rapid response emergency roadside assistance call.

This mobile mechanic service’s owner also talked about the different types of auto services that they can provide to their customers. Many of which can be seen on their website. He says these can be something as simple as an oil change or an auto service task that is much more complex such as troubleshooting check engine light problems. They are also experts when it comes to recharging and making repairs to a vehicle’s air conditioning system. Other types of auto mechanic work that they perform include brake maintenance and repairs and a variety of different car diagnostic services. Dozier says that they will even meet with someone who is thinking about purchasing a used car so they can be sure that the used vehicle being purchased does not have any lingering engine or drivetrain issues. He added that their mobile mechanic service is the next best thing to someone having their own personal mechanic.

This Kenosha, Wisconsin-based mobile auto service will also travel to nearby locations to take care of their customers' car-related services. Those that would like more information on the different mobile mechanic services that they offer, can call them, send them an email, or fill out the form that’s found on the ‘contact us’ page of their website.

Dozier added, “In case someone missed it, we recently made an announcement about the launch of our new website and we would like it to be known that our service techs are fluent in both Spanish and English.”


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