MN Lawyers Deal With Cases Involving Electrical Burns

Minneapolis residents suffering from injuries resulting from electrical burns can finally get the compensation they need with the help of McEwen & Kestner, PLLC, a local law firm that specializes in personal injury cases. The firm is headed by Gregory McEwen and Peter Kestner, two personal injury attorneys with years of experience in getting favorable settlements for their clients. They work tirelessly to ensure that every client receives the compensation they deserve in any personal injury case they may be involved in. The firm’s website can be found at the following link: McEwen & Kestner - Electrical Burn Cases.

According to the American Burn Association, 2016 saw over 486,000 burn injuries in the United States, with 40,000 of those injuries requiring hospitalization. Few people really expect to be the victim of burn injuries, and no one is truly prepared for the expensive, stressful process of seeking compensation and dealing with the costs surrounding treatment and even making ends meet while unable to work due to injury.

Electrical Burns MN

“Thousands of people suffer severe burn injuries each year and hundreds more lose their lives,” says McEwen & Kestner. “Burn injuries occur on the job, at home and on the roads as a result of faulty equipment, negligence and uncontrollable circumstances. Burn injuries are costly and result in permanent scars as well as lifelong damage.”

Burns may occur as a result of any of a number of causes. Propane gas explosions, chemical burns, electrical burns, automobile accidents and thermal burns can all result in life-altering burns, scars as well as physical and emotional damage. Burns may be even so severe as to require surgery, which can also mean taking months off work to recover. In extreme cases, recovery can take years. Burn victims can rightfully claim compensation for the pain, suffering, bills and damage done, and McEwen & Kestner make it their job to ensure that these victims get the compensation they deserve.

“Whether you have been injured at work, at home or as the result of an automobile accident McEwen & Kestner can help you regain your losses after suffering a burn injury,” the firm says. “Our attorneys understand the damage, pain and suffering caused by burn injuries and are dedicated to providing victims and their families with the compensation necessary to get back to life.”

McEwen & Kestner, PLLC is one of the most well-known personal injury firms in the country. The law firm has developed a reputation for success over the years and has managed to expand this reputation by building quality relations with clients and striving to meet their needs. The firm’s goal for years has been to bring the highest quality legal services to their Minnesota clients and produce the best possible results. The attorneys are committed to protecting the rights of clients who have been injured in automobile or trucking accidents or who have been the victims of defective products. Regardless of the nature or cause of the injury, McEwen & Kestner will provide the highest quality legal service possible. Those looking for an MN personal injury attorney are encouraged to get in touch with the firm today.

Many of the firm’s clients are so pleased with the service that they leave reviews on various platforms. “I have worked with this law firm many times in the past, present and hopefully future,” says one 5-Star Google Maps review. “They are top notch advocates who care about their clients and will put their heart and soul into obtaining the best result they can. They've assembled a tremendous team, from Greg to Missy and the countless others there, that works hard fighting against some of the biggest defendants in the country. If you think you have a case, it's worth a call to speak with them.”

Another client says, “Legal matters can be extremely complicated and confusing, particularly when you are not familiar with them like I was. The team at The McEwen Law Firm took time to explain each step of the litigation process to help me understand how things worked and made me feel comfortable asking questions. They are an extremely motivated and compassionate group of individuals who truly want the best outcomes for their clients. 10/10, would recommend.”

Learn more about McEwen & Kestner at their website and other online resources. Interested parties may reach out to Peter Kestner to inquire further as well.


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