MM Dynamic Encourages Contractors To Chose The Right Sealant: Prokol Monoseal

MM Dynamic, a Saugerties, NY based building contractor, recently published an article titled ‘Prokol MonoSeal vs Silicone.’ The article is aimed at helping people choose the right coating and sealant to protect their roof and thus extend its lifespan. The article talks about the advantages and drawbacks of each type of sealant and how to decide which one to use. Choosing the right sealant saves money and reduces the likelihood that repairs or replacements will need to be carried out, which is why it is so important to choose the right sealant. The article can be found here:

“Traditionally, a built-up roof (BUR) has been the long-standing preferred roof system,” the article says. “A BUR was made from hot-applied asphalt and gravel, layered with a roofing felt. BUR systems are a decent choice but do not have the weather-proofing qualities of a silicone sealant or MonoSeal by Prokol and are mired with issues around joints and corners. Two of the best sealants on the market are Silicone and Prokol’s MonoSeal. Both are somewhat inexpensive compared to the untimely replacement of a rotting roof. Silicone and Prokol’s MonoSeal are both practical and useful, but one is the clear winner. We will tell you which one, and why.”

Single ply membranes, a roofing system made up of synthetic sheets, are used in cases where the roof needs to be easily accessible for maintenance. With single ply membranes, HVAC and other systems may be placed on the roof since single ply membrane roofs are flatter and more even. Both silicone coatings and MonoSeal by Prokol can be used on single-ply roofs — and retrofitted to replace outdated roofing systems or systems that require repairs.

There are a number of differences between silicone coatings and MonoSeal by Prokol. Silicone roof coating has higher solids content and so contractors can apply it in one layer. Silicone can be applied more efficiently to roofing and there is no need to wait between layers for it to cure. Silicone coating comes in a single thick layer that stops water from pooling. It is also moisture-cured, which makes it possible for it to be cured in the summertime without the risk of it being affected by humid weather. Silicone is more resistant to weather than other coatings, and it does not get brittle in the cold. A silicone coated roof can reflect sunlight and is resistant to the damage that the sun can do, further prolonging its lifespan.

MonoSeal by Prokol is a fire and waterproof polymer liquid coating for roofs. Developed in the Netherlands, it has a number of applications, such as to protect roofs, floors and stairs. It is also maintenance-free by design. MonoSeal is just one of the products from Prokol, and each features the same properties — including a 35 minute pot life, UV and chemical resistance, 1530% elongation and a one hour cure time. It, unlike other coatings, is applied cold and is extremely durable once cured. MonoSeal offers everything ordinary coating offers in addition to keeping buildings cooler thanks to its special properties which prevent the absorption of the sun’s heat. MonoSeal offers a long list of advantages over other roof coating products and is the right choice in the majority of cases. The article concludes that MonoSeal is the right choice for the vast majority of roofs and is the ideal sealant for any business building. Find out more here:

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