Miracle In The Green Shares The Story Behind Their Brand

Casselberry, Florida based Miracle In The Green would like to give the wider public a look behind the curtain at the events and ideals that led to the founding of the brand. Those who wish to learn more about Miracle In The Green are welcome to look up the About Us section on the company’s online official site.

Miracle In The Green was founded by Ify Nwobi in 2014. Four years prior to this, Ify was in her last year of law school. At the same time, she was raising two young children with her husband (who was completing a hospital fellowship at the time). She had a lot on her plate already, but this was exacerbated when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. This diagnosis was an extremely huge shock to her as she was only 33 at the time. She began undergoing chemotherapy to cure her cancer, but this led to a sharp decrease in her energy levels. Her lethargy reached a point where she had to think about postponing her education, but she remained determined to finish law school.

Her determination pushed her to find alternative ways through which she can reclaim her energy. One day, she found her answer in an unexpected care package sent by her parents in Nigeria. This care package contained an herb called Moringa Oleifera. The herb was grown by her mother and turned into a powder, which made it easier to use. At first, Ify was hesitant to use moringa as she was not familiar with the use of herbs. However, once she gave it a try, she experienced an instant boost to her once-drained energy levels. Using Moringa became a daily part of her routine, and her energy and strength returned to her. She did further research on the herb and found that it was one of the most nutritious plants available, with a super high concentration of about 90 nutrients, 46 antioxidants and all eight essential amino acids.

This experience with Moringa not only gave her the energy to strive for her health and her dreams, it gave her a new sense of purpose. She soon found herself striving to provide her community with the highest quality, budget-friendly and reliable Moringa powder to help restore their energy and vitality. With this goal in mind, Ify began sharing the potent Moringa powder with women who also suffered from breast cancer. Her business started as only a small sideline that quickly grew and evolved into what is known today as Miracle In The Green. Ify also expanded her product line and created a baby care formula and a beauty collection for skin nourishment out of the potent oil that can be found in Moringa seeds. These products eventually became the signature products of Miracle In The Green. More information about Miracle In The Green and their story can be found on their website.

Miracle In The Green offers Oringaa — all natural Moringa powder made from 100% natural ground Moringa leaves. It can be used hot or cold in numerous ways, including mixing it in shakes and sprinkling it over other food. Oringaa is packed with vitamin A and vitamin E for keeping skin healthy and glowing while reducing signs of aging. The company also offers beauty skin-care products and a skin-care product for babies called Mummy’s Miracle.

Customers have said great things about the products offered by Miracle In The Green. Micha says in a testimonial featured on the Miracle In The Green website, “I used to use the capsules but there’s so little in them to make any difference. The Miracle In The Green powder is the bomb! It’s green, clean and fresh. It gets into your system fast, as you feel it kick in within minutes. Gives you a boost of strength to get through the day. Goodbye, coffee.”

Jane B. says in another featured testimonial, “This product is amazing and helps me so much with focus and energy, and it has multiple benefits for the body that it’s in my essential ‘must-do’ routine for my health and quality of life. I recommend this product, especially with its purity and quality compared to other similar products. I recommend this one: Oringaa — Miracle In The Green!”

Those interested in Moringa and all its wonderful benefits may check out Miracle In The Green’s website for more details. They may connect with the company through their social media platforms as well.


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